Take Two News is a series of short video clips created 
by the Team Kahu pupils of Edendale Primary School.  
We create TTN to share current events that happen at our school.
We aim to create episodes that run for about two minutes,
sometimes we need to go for a bit longer!

Here is one of our latest episodes:
2015 TAKE TWO NEWS LMV Music Festival from Edendale Primary School on Vimeo.

You can view previous clips at the following links:

Filming: we use a Flip camera and export the clips to edit with Windows Live Movie Maker:
  • keep the camera on a tripod so it is steady
  • be sure that anyone talking is close to the camera - their shoulders and head should fill most of the screen - keep the camera STILL (do not  swivel it from side to side!)
  • make sure the people on the screen have a nice background - simple, not too many colours or distractions, they don't look like a pole is sticking out of their head)
  • film in an area away from background noise (such as children in the playground, or traffic on the road)
  • practise twice and film twice - mistakes can be edited out later
  • the presenters or people need to be facing towards the light so we can see them clearly - they should not have a bright window or door behind them
  • if filming action or movement be sure you can still see the people from the front or side
  • only zoom in or out ONCE during a clip (too much zooming makes viewers dizzy!)
  • close-ups have very little background, medium shots will show a bit more background
  • action shots may still need a presenter in the foreground - the camera cannot hear people if they are too far away
  • if you are operating the camera:
    • stand still while the presenters are talking and look at them through the camera so you can check how the shot looks
    • when you press record, count to two then nod at the presenters so they know when to start talking (this makes sure the camera has started before the presenters start talking
    • when the presenters stop talking, count to two before you turn off the record button

Presenting: smile - it makes you look like you want to be there!
  • use the planning sheet to organise your information or ideas, decide on settings and who to interviews
  • write your script and practise it many times before filming
  • practise again!
  • smile while waiting to talk or while listening to someone else talking
  • stand still or sit straight
  • if there are two of you, stand or sit shoulder to shoulder so you both fit on the screen and are sitting or standing at the same level
  • speak clearly so you can be heard well - strong volume, not too fast (especially if outside)
  • if interviewing someone, practise it two or three times before filming - give the person advice about speaking clearly and another chance to practise what they want to say
  • look at the person who is talking and look like you are interested in what they are saying
  • smile when you finish!
  • keep your face looking nice (no funny faces)
  • if in the studio - be sure to have the Edendale Primary School sign behind your head/s

Editing: we use a Flip camera and export the clips to edit with Windows Live Movie Maker:

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