Here is a list of the apps that we enjoy exploring, learning with and creating with on our classroom ipads:

Shadow Puppet - take photos and record your voice overtop to create an audio slideshow (example); are able to add in videos and write over top of the pages

iMovie - so many uses! Create and edit your own movies!  (example)

Tellagami - use a background photo and your gami (avatar) will speak to it once you type or record your words (a website) - works on internet via computers or ipads - create a wall: add your post-it notes in real time along with the rest of your group for a brainstorm or sharing of ideas

Show Me & Explain Everything - two sharing apps - create your own pages/whiteboard screens and record your voice as you work on the pages - Explain Everything is a more sophisticated app with greater range of features such as adding photos, videos and links while Show Me is a more simple format for quick projects eg solving a maths problem or for juniors

(work in progress! More to come! Watch this space!)

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  1. should I suggest the game prodigy,it is a math game and you can catch pets and upgrade yourself and become a member!I am currently a member and I am called James mythstaff.
    by lachlan(your penpal)