Maths @ Edendale - our own school maths blog (thanks Mrs Stanway!)

study_ladder[1].gifUse your user-name and password to log-in and complete set tasks to score points!

Number of the Day - build up your read/write/know-about-numbers skills

Geometry - Transformation (lines of symmetry)

Geometry - Transformation (rotation, reflection, translation)

Geometry - TRANSFORMATION - a range of activities for symmetry, rotation, translation, reflection etc

  Johnnie's Math Page - hundreds of great games

IXL maths games - how fast can you answer the questions?   Scooter Race - place value with decimals

Math Baseball - play on your own or with a friend and smash the numbers ball out of the park!

TicTacToe play noughts and crosses against the computer - choose your topic and level

MathCar Racing - race around the track, trying to beat the computer's car to the finish line - remember to choose the question with the highest answer!

LineJumper - make the parachute land on the correct answer!

Number - make pairs to 100 (or more!)               Shoot the Number to make pairs to 100

Shape Surveyor Geometry Game - practice your skills with area and perimeter to earn the pieces of a geography puzzle - where will you be?

Soccer Shoot-out! - another chance to practice your basic facts and number skills and score points!

Guess the Number - the FunBrain magician will give you a story problem to solve - can you do it?

**** Click on a game, then click on 'play as a guest ' to continue. In some games you will compete against others from around the world.

RUGGER MATHS You can earn points for your favourite Rugby World Cup team!