study_ladder[1].gifCool activities to help with reading and writing and spelling!

INTO THE BOOK - how good are your comprehension strategies?

SPELLING WIZARD Use your spelling words for this week!           TAGXEDO - create word clouds

SPELLING CITY WEBSITE Play games with your spelling words!

FREE Work on your vocabulary knowledge.              Write your own Storybird books online!

GRAMMAR GAMES  All sorts of language features.           Read the Last Polar Bears online comic book.

GRAMMAR GORILLA - Help the gorillas!

PENGUINS ON ICE  Language games.

SPLAT! - Punctuation game.

BUBBLES - complete the sentences correctly

START AND FINISH - Change the meaning of the stem words.

TREASURE HUNT - Read the clues!

HANGMAN - beat the hangman to guess the words - give it time to download (see the house icon) first though!

CROSSWORD - choose the right letters to fill the gaps

BLEND IT! - choose the right letter blend to make the words 

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