DRIVE Market Day ideas


Make paper bricks for fire starting: link

Watch a video of how to make paper bricks

Tip: the office might have shredded paper that you can also recycle into bricks!

Newspaper gift bags: find instructions here

Tip: the instructions are in inches - one inch = 2.5cm - get Mrs C to help you with this.

 Paper coil photo frames - watch this video   (Tip: also watch this video about how to make really good newspaper coils for crafting with!)

If you get good at making coils, maybe you could make MASSIVE coils into table mats? No instructions, but watch the how to make coils video, and work out how you would make these mats.

Tip: paint the strips on after the glue is dry, then use a layer of PVA to make the mats hard and shiny.

 Or maybe some newspaper flowers? Here is a video.

 Someone might like to make are the instructions


Make animal-themed planter pots! Here is a video.

                                                 Another idea:

What about some wind spinners to decorate the garden? Here is a video to show how to make them.

Here is another style:

 Bird-feeders are always great to have in the garden! Here are some instructions.

(There are more bird feeder ideas at the bottom of this page!)

 Another idea for bird feeders - make them look like fairy houses!

See the photo below to find out how to make them: can you work out the steps by looking at the photo?

Or maybe some Minion pen containers would be popular? Here are the instructions.

Gardeners might like some plant labels made out of old milk bottles.

Flowers are pretty - these could be used as decorations - instructions here

Or some painted flowers that can stand up?

Or maybe some snowflakes?

Perhaps you'd like to create some bangles? Here are two ideas to try...

 More bird feeder ideas:

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