At Edendale School we are 

confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners

 - just like ex-pupil Burt Munro, world-record-breaking motorbike speedster!

Teacher: Mrs Jenny Coyle    
Parents - please phone the school (03 2066 959) or email me if you would like to meet at any time to discuss your child's progress or any other issues I need to be aware of!

·        Each day: cross-country practice – if you want to keep dry, clean feet perhaps bring a spare pair of socks and running shoes – look at your cross-country notice for information about next week’s race.
·        Shared teaching role: As the new LMV Community of Learning’s Across Schools Teacher I will be released for two days a week to carry out this role. Mrs Tracey Shepherd will continue to be our release teacher; we have planned to mostly do this on Wednesdays and Thursdays so that we can have a regular routine. Parents, please see me if you have any questions.
·        REAP pupils: (if this is you…) be sure to have everything you need for your course, be wearing correct school uniform and take your ‘can-do’ attitude!


Monday 23rd May (afternoon): whole school practice at the cross-country course (Wyndham race-course)

Wednesday 1st June (afternoon): LMV Cross-Country - Wyndham race-course
Thursday 2nd June (postponement day for cross-country)

Friday 3rd June: Teacher Only Day 

Monday 6th June: Queen's Birthday public holiday

Thursday 16th June: Team Kahu and Team Kereru visit to the Bluff marae (and Mrs C's birthday!)

Friday 24th June: Progress and Achievement Books & mid-year reports go home

Weeks 8+9: presenting speeches

Friday 8th July: last day of Term Two - enjoy your two week holiday!


To do every night:
  •  BASIC FACTS PRACTICE SHEET ask someone to call out the questions or write some questions for you to practice OR write the answers on the sheet in the time limit given (Mastery/100s Club people) - some of you may have an At-home Maths Book that you are working on too.
  • READING - at least 15 minutes each night - talk to someone about what you’ve read. Remember to fill in the reading log at the back of your homework book.
  • SPELLING - each week - write the dictionary definition of each word OR write it in a sentence to show that you know what it means – remember practise your words by WRITING them down a few times – look at the part that tricks you and think carefully about it.

CONNECTED AWARDS: Be sure to talk to Mrs C about activities that can qualify for a Connected Award eg feeding calves, playing a sport, hobbies.

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