Jun 30, 2017

Our salmon fish eggs have arrived!

Today Erin from Southland Fish and Game brought us our salmon eggs for the tank that she set up for us yesterday in our classroom.

This is part of the Schools to Streams project that is being run by Fish and Game; we look forward to watching the eggs grow into salmon fry that we can then release into the Mataura River.

It will be a fascinating, relevant project!

When we come in on Monday we should start seeing 'alevin' appear from the eggs - they will be small, and won't do much - just lay around in the basket/tank feeding off their egg-sacs. By the time Term Three starts they will be bigger and ready for us to start feeding them.

We will all take turns to learn how to measure the pH levels of the water and to feed the fish.

This is a video of where our eggs came from, a hatchery up in Canterbury.

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  1. WOW! is that how they get eggs out of salmon. great video too.
    By: Olivia S and Peyton L