Jun 29, 2017

Learning maps

Writing/drawing our thoughts onto our maps.
Last week we spent time creating our Infinity Learning Maps to share our own thoughts about our learning - in our map we share: who helps us learn, places where we learn, and tools that help us learn. Then we make connections between those things to explain how they help us.

Making the connections between the items on our maps.

After we talked about our learning maps with our classmates we then thought about a change we would like to make with our learning (anything that we might be finding tricky or having an issue with to do with people, places or tools) - we also had to think about what we would do to make that change happen, how our teacher might help us with it, and then how our whanau (family) might help us. Now we are all having a go at making that change happen.

Looking at our maps and comparing our ideas.
Some examples of the changes we hope to make:

  • "keeping my pencil safely in my pencil case so I always have it ready for doing my tasks"
  • "learning about how to use decimals in multiplication or division"
  • "sitting with responsible people in class time so I can learn better"
  • "to count to ten and take deep breaths if I start to feel angry"
  • "make sure I do my homework every night"
  • "read for 15 minutes every night"

Videoing our explanations of our maps.
This was our first effort at sharing our thinking with this method and we look forward to trying it again next term. Mrs Coyle is learning about this process with the help of Mary Wootton from Infinity Learning Ltd and Mrs C will be getting some ideas from Mary about what to do next early in Term Three.

At Edendale Primary School we are...confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.

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