Oct 28, 2015

eis Technology Challenge

Last week we had three Team Kahu members (Logan, Peyton and Deniz) along with Arden from Team Kereru, attend the Southland eis Technology Challenge at Wainiawa School.

For their three challenges the boys had to bring a pre-made fishing rod, build a paper aircraft and build a working windmill - all made with just newspaper, paper, string and sellotape etc.

They weren't placed but did enjoy the experience, getting the chance to put into action all of their problem-solving and cooperative skills. Well done team!

 (Sorry, cannot get these photos to rotate in a manner that will display them the right way up!)

At Edendale Primary School we are...confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.

Oct 19, 2015

MVP Award - Ryan

Our senior MVP for this week is a well-respected member of Team Kahu, 
who consistently shows our school values of whakuru (participation) 
and matatika (honesty).

Ryan is a helpful team-member and an enthusiastic learner, 
who participates fully in all our activities and encourages others to do the same.

Ryan listens to advice on how to improve his skills and will make 
a conscientious effort to act on that advice, meaning that his 
learning is progressing well as he prepares for college!

Team Kahu pupils, the rest of the school and staff, all know that 
Ryan will be honest and that we see the ‘true’ Ryan in our interactions with him – thoughtful, hard-working and genuine. 
As a group-member he is supportive and will participate fully to get the job done.

Thanks for being such a fantastic role-model through all your roles within our classroom and school, Ryan – we know you will go far!

At Edendale Primary School we are...confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.

Golf Tournament

Last week Hannah, Harm, William and Nicholas travelled to Gore (thanks Mrs Sinclair!!) for the Golf Southland Eastern Zone Primary Schools' Tournament.

The team carried out different golfing skill challenges, ending with a six hole Ambrose tournament - showing great skills to score an 'eagle' (two shots) on their final hole, thanks to Nicholas hitting a massive strike from off the tee to land the ball on the green, finished off by Harm's putt into the hole! Great work!!

At Edendale Primary School we are...confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.

Oct 13, 2015

Writing - planning maps

We are working on writing a memory that we enjoyed for our childhood, taking inspiration from NZ author Patricia Grace's fun short story 'Full of Beans'.

Today we made map plans of some of our memories (p117 of The Writing Book by Sheena Cameron and Louise Dempsey). 

Here we are sharing our maps with our g3 groups...

Spelling confusions

We discussed the differences between the three spellings and uses of the words there, their and they're as Mrs C has noticed that many of us can spell each word correctly but are getting muddled about which one to use in oursentences.  We made notes to help us remember when to use each spelling.

Our challenge this week at home is to write a sentence for each way of spelling to show we know when to use it.

Oct 11, 2015


Time machine image source
Welcome back for the final term of the year! Our final inquiry is Social Sciences based - we will be time travelling as we ask the question: How would I survive in a different time in history?

We will be exploring (in the groups that you chose): pre-European Maori and the whalers/sealers; the NZ gold rush of the 1800s; Medieval Times in England; and Ancient Rome.

We will be learning a lot of exciting information and thinking about how different our lives would be if we lived in those time periods!

To get us started, we will turn on the ignition for our thinking and use these padlets to record our first thoughts, ideas or questions:
Image source

Pre-European Maori/whalers & sealers - go to this padlet page
(Nic, Hannah, Katie-Ana, William, Caleb, Arin, Peyton)

NZ gold rush 1800s - go to this padlet page
(Logan, Keagan, Harm, Rhiannon)

Image source

Medieval England - go to this padlet page 
(Amber, Matt, Brooke, Grego, Josiah, Deniz, Kim)

Image source

Ancient Rome - go to this padlet page
(Jake, Olivia, Paige, Emma, Dylan, Ryan, Sherlene, Cailee)

At Edendale Primary School we are...confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.