Apr 28, 2015

More stories of our WW1 veterans...part two!

What a privelege it is to be telling these stories of local men who answered our country's call to arms during World War One (1914-1918)...

Apr 23, 2015

Our WW1 veterans...part one!

WW100 - Walking With the ANZACs - #3 Understanding their experiences

One hundred years ago thousands of Kiwi men and hundreds of Kiwi women signed up to answer the call to arms or service to help the British Empire in World War One.

Many of the (very young) men thought it would be an adventure, a chance to see the world - they did not fully understand what they were heading into...for the nurses who served overseas, the work they did was important, often working dangerously close to the battle-lines, caring for our wounded and dying...

...we are going to research some of places the ANZACs went to and the campaigns they were involved in..


The story of the first day (ABC documentary - videos)

Interactive Gallipoli website - 3d maps and commentary (ABC site)

NZ History - World War One

NZ At War - timeline


Image source
Lottie Gallais, WW1 nurse on Hospital Ship Maheno (TV3 News)

Hami Grace, WW1 sniper (TV3 News)

Apr 22, 2015

WW100 - Field of Remembrance

Our Field of Remembrance crosses was erected today, over on the lawn area by the main intersection of Edendale...we have posed for photos beside the cross of the Edendale World War One veteran that we are currently researching...

Apr 20, 2015

ANZAC poppy artworks

Here is a sneak peek of some of the poppies that we painted or drew in pastels or pencil today as part of an activity with Miss McKenzie...

WW100 - Walking With the ANZACs - #2 our local veterans

Term Two 2015:  World War One involved thousands of New Zealand servicemen, over ten thousand horses, and 550 nurses.

In total, over 120,000 New Zealanders served during WW1 - 103,000 served overseas, while the others served here in NZ.

For every 100 that served, 17 were killed.

For the remaining 83 that survived, 41 of them would be wounded.

Edendale War Memorial
Of those who served, 8,556 Kiwi servicemen were at Gallipoli - 2,515 were killed in action, 206 died of disease or other causes, 4,752 were wounded (some more than once).

After Gallipoli, New Zealanders served in battles in Palestine and Egypt and in long campaigns on the Western Front (France and Belgium - 12,500 Kiwis died on the Western Front, and about 45,000 were wounded).

Many young men from the Edendale area served at different times during World War One.

This is a website with a focus on our Southland veterans:

Using Cenotaph Online we will research the war service records of some of the serviceman who is listed on the WW1 Roll of Honour on our Edendale War Memorial...these will be the names presented on the crosses of our Field of Remembrance that we will set up in the days before Anzac Day:

6/1242  A Blackburn            61285 R Hillis                 4/1493 J Blackburn
63285 I Botting                    68475 P Ballantyne         34812 W R Cranstoun
53757 J Cook                       9/691 D Daley                 17/241 H Fry
8/1743 A Glass                    39986 W Gordon             8/228 T A Hood
22248 E P Heenan               9/1897 W Marshall          22266 R A Marshall
23581 H N Mawdsley         53235 J Muir                    45284 K Muir
8/1087 J McFarlane             34887 T McKenzie          27556 R A McDonald
51417 J Angus McDonald   37856 J Oberg                  27579 G Pow
6/3848 P Robertson              8/4009 T Robertson         9/1968 J Sim
23625 H S Simpson
73814 A Williamson
Records of Nurse I Y Scott - image source

and there is one nurse listed: 22/307 I Y Scott

We will create online presentations about the veterans and use QR codes on the back of the crosses to share the information.

Cenotaph Online is the Auckland War Memorial Museum database of past veterans - look here for some basic info (be sure to enter the name, select the war as World War 1, then click Add Search Filter, click Place and write in Edendale)

Archives NZ - enter the name of your veteran and see if his military records show up! (For an accurate result make sure to type in his service number, his first name and his last name.)

Did your veteran die in service? Search for him on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site.

Maybe there was an obituary published in a newspaper? National Library PapersPast site

Not sure what the military records say? - Look at the First World War Army Service Records abbreviations

Gallipoli landing - image source
Look for photos of people/places/important events etc - have a look through these free-to-use WW1 photos and videos

Apr 19, 2015

WW100 - Walking with the ANZACs - #1 intro videos

Term Two 2015:  Gallipoli was the first major campaign that the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps were involved in for World War One..25th April 1915...

...last term we read the awesomely written Susan Brocker novel "1914: Riding into War" (which we recommend to everyone to read!) - this gave us a brilliant insight and understanding of the experiences of young Kiwi soldiers who signed up for battle and ended up at Gallipoli...

...for the first two weeks of this term we will be studying New Zealand's involvement in this historical event, finding out about veterans from the Edendale area, visiting the display at the Southland museum, erecting a Field of Remembrance and planting a special Gallipoli tree in the school grounds...

we will begin by pondering this question: What does Anzac Day mean for me?

This week's THINK ABOUT IT...

Image source

Apr 17, 2015

Apr 7, 2015

Term One art - Drawing/sketching facial features

We created these Wacky Faces to showcase some of our sketching efforts and skills...we were working on using line, shape and shading with pencil for facial features:



See more as we add them to our learning blogs (a few of us did not name our sketches and so Mrs C has not been able to frame them up; she will have to get us to identify our work when we return from the holidays!)

Apr 2, 2015

Passion Project group trip - fishing!

Yesterday the 'Great Outdoors' Passion Project group (having spent the term reading and writing about forests, pig hunting and how NZers use our natural resources for recreation) were able to enjoy a pleasant afternoon fishing at the Mimihau River.

Big thanks to Mr McKenzie, who got the lucky catch, and parents Matthew Ferguson and Charlie Milne, for making the trip possible...and Mr Hugh Diack for the use of his truck to get the group to the fishing spot...

...and for those who did not have a trout to take home...a fish of the best kind - a CHOCOLATE fish!