Mar 31, 2015

Passion Project group visit to the Mataura Museum...part B

A few more of the interesting things we saw at the Mataura Museum (found on Kana Street)...we will write about them on our learning blogs tomorrow...

Passion Project group visit to the Mataura Museum

Part A: a few of the items that took our interest...see our learning blogs tomorrow to find out more! This 'Town & Around' social-studies based literacy group has spent Term One looking at how history is recorded and how town stories are told.

A big thanks to Mrs Meredith Moncur for driving the group to the museum, and also to Mrs Lorena Turnbull (Pres. of the Mataura Historical Society) for showing us around.

Passion Project group visit to Mr Hunter's beehives.

The 'No Flies on You' science-based Passion Project literacy group visited the beehives of Mr Alex Hunter today...the cold weather meant the group could get really close to the hives without bothering the sleepy bees.

The pupils and parents enjoyed learning a lot of fascinating facts about hives, queen bees, honeycomb and beeswax, and tasted honey straight from the honeycomb too - what a treat! Bees are truly amazing creatures - did you know they build the hexagons of their honeycomb at a 5 degree angle so that the honey doesn't drip out?!

Big thank you to to Mrs Raewyn Smith and Mr Brian Carnie for driving the group to the location, and a big thank you to Mr Hunter for sharing his expertise with us!

Visiting author Des Hunt

We love the works of NZ author Des Hunt, with Mrs Stanway having read his book 'Shadows in the Ice' to us 2014.

He was visiting the south this week and called in to talk to us about how to build a story, from the hook to get readers interested, to writing the development of the story and the characters, to building the tension for the climax.

Mr Hunt used science equipment to demonstrate his message, hooking us in with a ball and magnet device, then building tension with his "amazing hydrogen explosion machine".

It was all very entertaining and we enjoyed meeting Mr Hunt and hearing about how he went from being a science teacher to a young person's novelist. All of his novels are set in NZ and usually involve futuristic science or NZ's native animals. 

Mar 30, 2015

Swimming lessons continue...

Term One Week Nine (only two days until holidays!!)

This week we continue with our REAP (Rural Education Activity Programme) swimming lessons, with Sarah and Michelle as our SwimSafe instructors, helped by Mrs Janet Pollard, another qualified SwimSafe instructor who also happens to be a very handy grandparent of our school!

We are working on such skills as improving our survival techniques and strokes, as well as our breathing and distance swimming.