Feb 20, 2015

Always a Leader

On Fridays we are working our way through the Always a Leader programme (from the Halogen Foundation). 

The first unit is called Who I Am and that 'leaders who know themselves inspire others', so we have talked about our unique identities and that it is important to like yourself first, believe in yourself and to not compare ourselves to others. 

Today we wrote on each others' backs ( on paper) to let people know what we have noticed about them, what we think they are good at or what we admire about them. 

After we read the sheets some of us expressed surprise that other people have noticed that we are nice or smart, or funny, or a good friend - because we have maybe not thought of ourselves in that way. We must always believe in ourselves - we have to be our number one fans!!

Feb 18, 2015

Inquiry - Rocky Shore

Today we watched this video to start us thinking about life in rock pools on the rocky shores of southern NZ...

Feb 17, 2015

2015 Year Six Welcome Evening

What a fantastic night this was! Every year we hold this special event to celebrate the new group o Year Sixes and introduce them to their roles as the senior pupil leaders of our school, with this year's event being held in Week 2 of Term One.

We were very thrilled and felt extremely lucky to have  one of the most recent Black Cap players, batsman Hamish Rutherford from Otago, as our guest speaker!

Hamish travelled down from Dunedin just for our event, thanks to some string-pulling by Sam Ward at Cricket Southland (thanks Sam!!).

The children heard about Hamish's experiences so far (he debuted in 2013 with a wonderful 171-run innings) and listened as he answered the questions that we had prepared earlier in the day.

Hamish helped award badges to the new Student Councillors and posed for photos, as well as checking out the batting qualities of Nic's new cricket bat (it passed with flying colours, Hamish even saying he thinks it was better than his own bat!)

We were also very grateful to Mrs Ferguson (on behalf of the BOT), Mrs Milne (on behalf of the Home and School) and Mr McKenzie (as Principal) who all shared words of welcome and wisdom.

Four ex-pupils of Edendale Primary School, Sarah Andrews, Michael Moncur, Joshua Read and Hannah Wallis (all now at Menzies College), also answered pupil questions about their memories and experiences of being Year Six pupils here at EPS.

Perhaps the most anticipated part of the evening was the announcement of the new Student Council (as voted by the staff and the Year4-6 pupils).  Twenty of our twenty-five Year Six pupils had nominated themselves as wanting to carry out this role, but only six can be selected.  Hamish and Mrs Robertson, the Student Council mentor, congratulated: Arin Read, Amber Carnie, Kimberley Simmons, Josiah Ashman, Logan Andrews and Ryan Crump to the role. We are sure they will work well as a team and do a great job.

The room was full of parents, pupils and staff, and we all really enjoyed the event, with a lovely supper afterwards. Each of the Year Sixes, even if not on the Student Council, has a special part to play in the contributions they can make to our school and we look forward to seeing how they rise to these roles as the year progresses!

Watch this space...our first Take Two News episode of the year is about this event and is in the process of being created right now...

Today's HOT thinking task...

HOT (Higher Order Thinking) is an activity that we do during our fruit break - we work in our g3 groups (g3 meaning group to the power of 3 - we only have 3 people in the group)...

today's thinking task was a debate about which skill is the most important...

Feb 16, 2015

Team Kahu Mini Reward Cards

Mrs Coyle created and ordered these (business cards) on Vistaprint in the holidays. She is aiming to give out four or five every day, on the spot, when she finds any of us doing great work with our learning and showing our values and competences.
Mrs C will finish the sentence on the front by writing on the back of the card.

Another successful CONNECTED event for Kim!

Kim attended the Waiau A&P Show this past weekend and now has all these ribbons and awards to add to her collection for her calf-handling skills! Great effort Kim! (Kim and her brother Jack have already got their names on the shield for 2011 and 2013 as well!) we look forward to seeing what Kim brings home from the Invercargill Show in two weeks time...

Feb 11, 2015

Bike Licence

Some of us worked with Constable Graham today to do the practical test for our Bike License - happy to report that we all pased!!

Feb 10, 2015


Term One 2015: Passion Project (literacy unit: Arts-based)

Group members: Josiah, Charlotte, Emma, Arin, Paige, Kim

  1. Science Kids NZ: photography basics for kids
  2. Wonderopolis: How does a camera work?

Here are some great tips for taking photos!

The rule of thirds - very important for a stylish photo!

Leading lines also help:

Photo composition (how to layout a photo)

For those of you who love technical info!

No Flies On You!

Term One 2015: Passion Project (literacy unit: Science-based)

Group members: Peyton, Deniz, Matt, Amber, Sherlene


Check out this close-up of a fly doomed to death! In the comments section write two things you notice or observe that you think are most interesting!

  1. Easy Science for Kids: Fly Facts for Kids
  2. Childrens Stories: Fly Facts
  3. Anatomy of a Fly
  4. The House Fly
An idiom is a phrase that is used as a metaphor (to mean something else instead of the real meaning of the words), such as "I had to eat my words" (meaning, I had to admit I had said the wrong thing).

There are many idiom phrases that have animals as their inspiration.  Have a look at these links - do some of these phrases sound familiar? You may have heard them being spoken or you may have read them in a story.

Feb 9, 2015

Connected Achievements!

Congratulations to Kim for her success this past weekend, showing her calves at the Gore A& P Show.  Kim's calf, Red, was named Champion Shorthorn Milking Calf! Kim leads the calves and was awarded second place for her calf-handling. Well done Kim! Good luck with the Waiau Show next weekend!

Feb 7, 2015

Exciting news!

Link to image source
Mrs Coyle has just heard from Sam at Cricket Southland that he has been able to pull a few strings and he has arranged that Black Cap Hamish Rutherford will be our guest speaker for our Year Six Welcome evening on Thursday night!

This is very exciting as many of us in Team Kahu love our sports and have been following the Black Caps in their build-up to the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

Here is the link to Hamish's NZ Cricket profile page: http://www.espncricinfo.com/newzealand/content/player/331375.html

(Please remember that the Welcome Evening is by invitation only for the Year Six pupils, parents and associated school members).

Feb 5, 2015

Week One of Term One!

What a super week we have had, getting back into the routines of school again and beginning our year as the seniors of the school.

Here we all are (minus one) the 2015 Team Kahu kids...
This week our parents have been filling out a Parent 3-2-1 sheet to give Mrs C and Miss McK some ideas and information about us.

Here are some of the fantastic descriptive words our parents have used to describe us..
sporty, friendly, enthusiastic, funny, kind, curious, cheeky, caring, competitive, bright, bubbly, honest, clever, thoughtful, artistic, amazing, elegant, resourceful, loyal, outgoing, determined, athletic, organised, loving, adventurous, strong-willed, sensitive, entertaining, leader, sociable, confident, helpful, hard-worker, cheerful and diligent.

I think you will have to agree, we are a pretty awesome team!! We're up for a wonderful year!!

Feb 2, 2015

Welcome back for 2015!

We had a great day together as Team Kahu Year Six. We met Miss McKenzie, our trainee teacher, and we enjoyed finding out how Mrs Coyle operates her programme. 

One of our first activities today was to build a mural showing what we will be like as we work as a team during the year.