Dec 17, 2014

2014 Year Six Prizegiving

Our Year Six prizegiving is a chance to recognise the fantastic effort and progress that Team Kahu members have put in throughout the year...
...every Year Six pupil received a cap with the Burt Munro racing bike symbol embroidered on the front, as well as Merit and Excellence certificates as per below...

Excellence in English: Keegan       Merit: Kim, Caity, Jonas, Lisa, Nikka, Richard, Jennifer
Excellence in Math: Keegan       Merit: Jonas, Lisa, Nikka, Richard
Excellence in Drama: Kim       Merit: Keegan, Richard, Jennifer, Brock
Excellence in Social Studies: Caity       Merit: Brianna, Keegan, Nikka, Maria
Excellence in Dance: Brianna       Merit: Kim, Caity, Lane, Richard, Jennifer, Brock
Excellence in Physical Education: Keegan       Merit: Kim, Brianna, Ben, Damien, Coebie
Excellence in Technology: Brayden       Merit: Ben, Anthony, Lisa, Jennifer
Excellence in Science: Lisa       Merit: Keegan, Jonas, JM, Richard, Dylan, Brock
Excellence in Health: Richard       Merit: Brianna, Lane, JM, Coebie
Excellence in Art: Dylan        Merit: Anthony, Damien, Lisa, Maria
Excellence in Music: Brock       Merit: Brianna, Ben, Anthony, Lane, Brayden, Lisa, Nikka

...and then the special awards are announced...
Hall Family Character Cup (for consistent demonstration of our school values): Anthony

Helen Keir Diligence Award: Caity

Menzies College Values certificates: Maria and Brock

 Jubilee Honours Cup for top performing Year Six pupil: Keegan

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERY PUPIL! Mrs Coyle is very proud of each one of you!

Farewell to the Class of 2014!

Last Friday was the last day for our Year Six pupils...what a fantastic team of pupils you have all been and this showed through in the emotions that many pupils, parents (and Mrs C of course) showed during the presentations and good-byes.

The Year Sixes arrived in the morning and helped different teachers with tidying up their classrooms before heading to the pool for a waterfight and swim.

At 12.00 parents and some grandparents and siblings joined us for a shared lunch (thanks to the Home and School for helping out with this!)

Pupils were then farewelled by Mrs Lumsden (BOT Chairperson), Mr McKenzie (Principal) and Mrs Coyle (along with Mrs Pask who presented a bible for each pupil from the Bible in Schools Association).

Mrs Coyle also gave the pupils copies of the farewell booklet that everyone contributed to and pupils then collected autographs and messages in their booklet before heading home.

And don't our "I Was Here' legacy fenceposts look awesome?! Big thanks to Kim's parents, a.k.a. Clearwater Contracting, for sponsoring the supplies for us.
With everyone heading off to Menzies College, Southland Girls' High School, Longford Intermediate and Balclutha, the fence will be a wonderful reminder of your time here at Edendale Primary School - best wishes to all of you, good luck!!

Dec 12, 2014

2014 Concert Item - Kiwiana theme

Here is our Kiwiana Ready to Roll Top Ten Countdown, based on the online survey that we held last month to find out what your favourite NZ songs might be...Mrs Coyle is very proud of each of us for carrying out our roles so well and we were thrilled that so many people enjoyed the comedy.

This is the dress rehearsal (and we are a bit scratchy with some of our costume changes) but.the matinee and evening shows were even better!! See if you can work out where (in the matinee and evening shows) that we added a splash from a bucket of water - put your answers in the comments below!

2014 Team Kahu concert item from Edendale Primary School on Vimeo.

Dec 9, 2014

Busy times!

This week is all go as we prepare for today's matinee concert and tonight's prize giving and concert! Keep an eye out soon for the video of our concert item!

Today we took some time to get the first coat of yellow onto our 'I was here' fence posts..

Dec 1, 2014

2014 EPS Triathlon Event

Today we were able to hold our triathlon event for the Year 3-6 pupils (yes, it stopped raining/hailing/blowing long enough for the pupils to have a go!)

Pupils competed in Yr 3-4 or Yr 5-6 teams of 3 - participation was the aim of the 'game' (and thanks to the senior pupils who stepped in to help out at very short notice to make sure that the younger teams would have enough people to be able to compete). One person from each team was responsible for either the bike, swim or run leg of the race.

Then those who wished to challenge themselves further were able to enter as individuals and do all three legs of the event themselves - for these races the pupils raced as per their gender and year level.

Congrats to the Team Kahu pupils who all took part! You all gave it a good effort!