Nov 29, 2014

This week's SUPER SENTENCE image...

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This week's THINK ABOUT IT statement...

...from Tyson Adams...
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Nov 28, 2014

Term Four Week 7

This week has been busy, with the Student Council disco, swimming, concert item practices and te reo Maori we are in action with the Year Fives performing the Menzies haka that Whaea Bex has taught us this term...
2014: Yr 5&6 perform the Menzies Haka from Edendale Primary School on Vimeo.

Nov 25, 2014

Three happy readers!

These boys have made it to 75 chapters on their Happy Hundred Reading Challenge...and their prize, new home-made pillowcase for each boy!

MediaMash Awards

Last week Mrs Coyle, Lisa, Caity, Kim and Keegan attended the Great Southern MediaMash Awards (sponsored by Noel Leeming, Ricoh and Canon) in Invercargill.
Awards were presented for categories such as digital storytelling, photography, commercials, documentaries and e-books.
Kim and Lisa were announced as third-place in the Yr4-6 commerical section; unfortunately, the 5-day movie challenge section only had a first place (we think we would have definitely won second place if they had it!).
Mrs Coyle is very proud that we had two entries as finalists - great work team!!
Here is the third-placed commercial 'Kiwifruit':

Nov 23, 2014

Swimming 'free' style

This week we are enjoying some free-swim sessions, during which we can splash or relax as we wish, as we worked so hard on our strokes the past couple of weeks in preparation for last Friday's LMV Schools' Swiming Festival (see photos at end).

We are so lucky to have our own school pool...and yes, there might be a few 'show-ponies' in our midst, can you tell?

And Mrs C forgot the good camera for the swimming, and was busy marshalling kids to their races, but here are a couple from her phone's camera (apologies for the quality...)

Nov 21, 2014

Great growing in the vege garden!

Today we sold another three lettuces from the vege garden!
Getting the lettuce out...
Happy customer!
Cabbages and sliver beet on the go...
We will plant some more baby lettuces and we are loving the way these cabbages and silver beet are growing!!

Nov 19, 2014

This week's SUPER SENTENCE prompt...

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Nov 17, 2014

This week's Think About It quote...

From quite a famous dude...
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Put what you know (or can find out) about Thomas Edison in the comments! Can you work out why he pretty much knows what he's talking about here?!

Nov 13, 2014

Today's HOT topic...
In celebration of the success overnight of the European Space Agency's ten-year space mission to land Philae on the comet P67, our HOT skills topic of conversation today is taken from a comment made by Jonas...
If planets could talk...
...if Earth coughed or sneezed the humans would all fall over.
...if there's a new planet somewhere "Why hasn't anyone found me yet?"
...the Moon would be sad he popped his pimples (craters).
...Venus would complain of being hot on one side and cold on the other.
...they would be mad about all their speeding tickets.
...they would all argue over who is better than the others and maybe cause UW1 (Universal War One)
...Pluto would be very lonely and complaining he has no friends - he has been rejected as a 'planet'!
...there would be a lot of cremation happening - the sun dealing with arguments.
...Jupiter would pass a lot of wind (it is a gas giant) and Uranus would be really rude. Mercury would tell everyone the temperature, Neptune would have a trident and call himself the King of the Sea.  Earth would be very down to earth. Mars would sell chocolate. Pluto would bark a lot. The Sun would say "Ooh, you just got BURNED!"  (Thank you Keegan. Anthony, JM, Caity!)

We looked at The Guardian's website for information about the landing and were fascinated to learn that the project has cost over $1.5 billion dollars, that the Rosetta mothership and the comet are currently 510,000,000km from Earth, and that the comet is travelling at about 135,000km per hour! That's a hard to visualise!!

Nov 12, 2014

Take Two News: We Sell Worm Tea

What is worm tea and what is it used for? Find out here in the latest episode of Take Two News, written and filmed by our Year Six news crew...

2014 Take Two News - We Sell Worm Tea! (Team Kahu, Year Six) from Edendale Primary School on Vimeo.

Week 4 highlights - written by Brianna

Congrats to JM for being selected as our senior MVP for Week Three!  Here is what the newsletter said:   This young man is a senior member of the school who consistently demonstrates our school values of persistence, flexibility and self-control.

J.M. is a guy who can ‘go with the flow’ – he quietly gets on with his tasks, not being bothered by changes in routine or by distractions around him.                While he enjoys the lighter moments within our team, J.M. is also reliable when it comes to following instructions and completing
his work.

           In Team Kahu, we expect our senior pupils to be role-models both in the classroom and in the playground. J.M. has shown he has the flexibility to be able to do different senior duties each week, all carried out with the same amount of care and responsibility.

         Since arriving in New Zealand J.M. has shown wonderful persistence to be able to master the Kiwi version of the English language, as well as come to grips with our varied Kiwi customs. We are proud to have you in the team with us J.M! Keep up the ‘hard yakka!’

On Monday we had the Tour Of Southland bike past the dairy on the corner. We all went out to cheer them on.  There were six cyclists out in front by about one minute, then all the other cyclists (the pelleton) came at once -  they went super fast past us! They were heading to Wyndham before going to Mataura, Riversdale and Gore.

On Tuesday the LMV (Lower Mataura Valley Schools: Wyndham, Glenham and Edendale) went to the Wyndham A&P Show Grounds for our Pet Day. We could take pets, baking, woodwork, fruit and veg and flower arrangements. In class we were working on the pet day art so we could also take that. We had to draw dogs with pastel and we dyed the background.  Dylan got FIRST for his dog portrait and Keegan won a trophy for the Best No-Bake entry!

We have done some swimming on Wednesday and Thursday to practise for the swimming festival next Friday. Some of the events that we can do are freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke etc. Hopefully we will win the school relay trophy again this year!!

Nov 7, 2014

Te reo Maori

On Fridays (Ramere) we are learning te reo Maori with Whaea Bex Brown. We 'ev been brushing up on our greetings and farewells as well as trying some waiata (songs) and beginning to learn the Menzies College haka...

Nov 3, 2014

School vege garden...first harvest!

Today Anthony, Caleb and Dylan were able to enjoy the 'fruits' of their labours as leaders of our vege garden team, as they harvested the first lettuce!  

The garden is growing well and another lettuce will be ready in a day or two! 
The lettuce was washed and used for Vegemite and lettuce sandwiches (a real Kiwi classic but we had no Marmite so had to substitue), which were eaten by the seniors in Teams Kahu and Kereru. Thanks guys!

Week 4 Super Sentence!

Here is the picture prompt for this week's super sentence...write your super, descriptive sentence or sentences in the comments below (Team Kahu writers will go in the draw for a prize pen)...
Rainy Seasons by Arief Nurdin

Nov 2, 2014

INQUIRY Week Three: a taste of the Pacific!

This week, to begin our magic carpet tour of the Pacific for our reading/inquiry task this week, we cooked Polynesian (fish and) chips - sliced GREEN bananas fried in a little butter and with a little sprinkle of salt.

We decided that the chips reminded us of Kumara chips! Yummo! After that, we began our Google Earth flights, searching out information about three of our Pacific island neighbours...