Sep 25, 2014

This week's fishing for answers problem...

Health unit - with the Life Education Trust

This week we have two visits to the Life Ed truck, with teacher Theresa and her side-kick Harold the Giraffe.
We are working through the Body Journey unit, learning about body systems such as the respiratory, circulatory, nervous and digestive systems.  We are learning about the 500 jobs our liver does for us as well as how important it is to put healthy food into our bodies. 

We have looked really closely at food labels and now know that we should try to avoid foods that have more than 15g of sugar per 100g (or up to 25g if it includes dried fruit), foods with more than 10g of fat total (and more than 2g saturated fats) or foods with more than 400mg of sodium (salt). 

Sep 23, 2014

Book Sell

In Team Kahu we have been doing a book sell. Mrs Coyle read us a novel called 'The Wolf in the Wardrobe' by Susan Brocker. We thought it was so great we would try and encourage Team Kereru to read it! This afternoon they came through for the 'sell'. I think we encouraged a few people to read it. You can check out our book sells on our individual blogs!

Clay art with Miss Adams

Today we were trying to make creatures with our clay...

The votes are in!

Kids' voting results were counted yesterday:

A landslide result for the National Party and its candidate Sarah Dowie! Matching the adults' results for the Invercargill electorate!
We worked out the percentages today at maths time:

Sep 22, 2014

Miniball Tournament

Last Friday we travelled to Gore to the Archer Basketball Stadium to take part in the Sports Southland Miniball tournament.

We had three teams and played against teams from Otama School and Knapdale School...we enjoyed having the chance to put our skills into action in real games and are very grateful to the mums who coached and/or drove the cars for us, as well to Abby from Sport Southlad, Jack and Ian Mockford for helping with running the event and the refereeing!

Congratulations to the Edendale Red team for making it into the play-offs for first and second - second place is a great effort!

Planning for the Media Mash 5-day Movie Challenge

We have until Friday to create a 3-5 minute long movie about...How Learning Happens at Our School...

An absolute favourite!

We watched this clip so we could see how a message can be presented in a fictional story (as we are planning our movies for the Great Southern Media Mash 5-day Movie Challenge and need to plan how to share information about how learning happens at our school - we need to decide if we want to do our movie as a factual documentary or as a creative story).

Frosty Man and the BMX Kid - an awesome video made to promote 100% Pure New Zealand - watch and enjoy!

Art Snack - great white shark drawing

Some of us had a go at following this video by Kevin Honeycutt to draw a great white shark...

Location, location - maps for maths

Our current maths theme to finish off the term is Geometry (Position and Orientation) with a mapping focus.

Here is the padlet that we created to share what we know about when or where we might see/use/find/need.make a map

Sep 18, 2014

Kids' Voting programme: today was OUR Election Day...

As part of our mini inquiry about the government elections we carried out our voting today.  The voting materials were provided by the Kids' Voting programme from the Electoral Commission, with the pupils from Teams Kahu and Kereru being able to vote using an adaptation of the actual ballot form for the Invercargill electorate (which included the Edendale township and some of the surrounding areas.)
First, the voters had to talk to the ballot issuers to have their names crossed off the roll and to receive their ballot paper. 
Voting took place at the voting booths before the ballot papers were put into the ballot box...

Counting will take place on Monday, when we will find out if the pupils of Teams Kahu and Kereru are of the same minds as the adult voters for the Invercargill electorate!