Aug 28, 2014

This week's Word Artist prompt...

Having just finished reading the very exciting and action-packed NZ novel 'The Wolf in the Wardrobe' by Susan Brocker, here is this week's Word Artist picture prompt...what awesome word pictures will we write? Watch this space!

This week's Fishing For Answers maths problem...

Aug 27, 2014

Take Two News - the LMV Speech Contest

Reading Theme - racing cars

To accompany the article 'Racing Day' in School Journal Part 1 Number 1 2010:

Connor races quarter midget stock cars - he needs a lot of safety gear. Watch this video to see quarter midget racing cars in action (notice how the left hand tyres are smaller than the right hand tyres to help with turning the cars) - and also see why the drivers need so much safety gear...

Find out about the Formula Ford racing championships - where young drivers get their experience - see what happens behind the scenes and during races...

What would it be like to be driving a racing car? This video might give you an idea - the driver is 9 years old!

Aug 22, 2014

Southland Stags visit - a great end to the week!

We have had a pretty high pressure week as Miss Adams is on control for the next three weeks so we had to get our tasks finished so that we are ready to start new ones with her in Week Six - getting our Science Fair projects on display, being interviewed by the judges, preparing and filming three Take Two News episodes, finishing off our fish lino prints, getting our My Pet is Special writing competition entries finished and ...and...and...we needed a breather!

It was great today to be visited by three members of the Southland Stags squad: Craig Smith, Morgan Mitchell and Keanu Kahukura encouraged us to support the Stags in their ITM Cup campaign and to work hard both at school and with our goals.

 We were thrilled to find out that Richard and Lisa, Logan and Keegan have been awarded Commendations for their Science Fair investigations! Well done!!

Aug 21, 2014

Way to go Jennifer!

This week's senior MVP!

Here's what the newsletter said...
The pupils of Team Kahu are expected to be leaders of the school and set examples to others of how to enact our school values.

Jennifer has taken this on board in many ways and is a valuable member of both our classroom and our wider school.

Jennifer is always ready to participate with every learning activity and she completes her tasks competently and with persistence. Jennifer has a quiet manner but she does not let that stop her from being involved with problem-solving and decision-making.

Our Team Kahu classroom is a much better place with Jennifer in it, and so is our school, as she carries out her roles as both a Year Six pupil and as a Student Councillor. Jennifer is able to show self-control and self-responsibility at all times. She is known to be honest and compassionate, as well as being flexible and cooperative with others.

Thanks, Jennifer, for being such a wonderful contributor to our classroom and school!

Fish print fabric art

Today we are adding wool stitches as frames for the fish prints that we did on hessian...

Aug 19, 2014

Southland Science Fair

Here we are with our finished science investigations, displays all ready for the fair!

Judging is underway! Will anyone be awarded a prize...we'll find out in a day or two!

Aug 15, 2014

Third instalment of our fish Lino prints

Today we were able to complete our printing with our Lino blocks, this time using our own fish as well as those of our team-mates' to create either a "fisherman's collection" print (four fish in a line) or a "school of fish" print (with part and full fish) - we had to think about balance: balance of colour and line and of using the space.

Don't they look awesome?!

Aug 13, 2014

Technology - Just what IS better than sliced bread?

Our technology inquiry had a bit of a Kiwiana focus as New Zealanders are well known for our 'number 8 wire' problem solving abilities, with the infamous Red Band gumboots as our focus product.

Mrs Shepherd helped us look at the process of creating gumboots and we then went on to design our own Kiwi gumboots.  

We then looked at the processes of producing a variety of other products such as knives and forks, chocolate, helmets, sneakers and glass bottles. 

Earlier this term we asked our family members what they each thought is "the best thing since sliced bread" - here are some of their responses:
  • the jet-ski - it's a lot of fun!
  • Home and Away - cute actors!
  • the light bulb - so we can see at night!
  • automatic garage door opener - keeps us dry!
  • aeroplanes - can travel to other places quickly!
  • the emergency services quick dial on the telephone - fast contact when needed!
  • Google - can find out about almost anything instantly!
  • cell phones - you can be in touch with most people in most places!
  • the TV - entertainment and informational!
  • laptops - very useful and portable!
  • computers - you can do almost anything on them!
  • tablets/ipads - you can play games or find information!
  • colour TV - looks realistic!
  • automatic washing machine - does the job for you!

Way to go, Burt Munro!!

Our very own ex-pupil, Burt Munro, has been confirmed as a world-record holder...47 years after it happened! An official made a mistake with his maths all about it here on the Stuff website!

Technology problem solvers

Brayden and Anthony enjoyed their morning of technology problem solving at the Gore REAP programme for Eastern Southland schools. Anthony and Brayden are both very creative thinkers who love practical tasks, so designing a fishing rod that would reach two metres (with limited resources) was right up their alley! Well done engineers!!

Aug 12, 2014

Special guests!

We were pleased to host some special guests from Menzies College today...Principal Gerry Ward and some ex-Edendale pupils came to invite our Year Sixes and their families to visit Menzies College on Thursday afternoon/evening for their annual Open Night (3.30-5 and 5.00-6.30).

Many of our pupils are heading to Menzies next year so this was a chance to meet the Principal and ask questions about the school in a smaller group situation. Enjoy your tours on Thursday night everyone!!

Learning about fractions, decimals, percentages

For today's maths we used pebbles as our maths equipment, making rows of ten and writing the make-up of colours in each row as fractions, decimal fractions and then as percentages.

We then 'destroyed the evidence' eg by eating three-tenths, or fifty percent of the set etc. We weren't enjoying ourselves at all!!