Jul 30, 2014

Learning in action...

This morning there is a mix of activity happening...

Some pupils are measuring the growth of their science fair experiment plants and recording the data in their books...

Others are writing about their pets for a writing competition, planning, drafting and buddy reviewing...

Others are blogging about their learning today, sharing what they have been doing...

Jul 26, 2014

Our first Lino prints...

Term Three Week One...our first Lino prints have been completed - don't they look awesome?!

Our first prints were white ink on black sugar paper and then we did a second white print on coloured sugar paper...

INQUIRY QUIZ -Jeopardy! (From Term two!)

(Mrs C has found this blog post which for some reason was still in draft form and hadn't been published back in Term Two...)

This week, to refresh our memories of what we know about outer space and why planet Earth is the best place for us to live, we held a Jeopardy Quiz.  Groups were given the answers and had to come up with the questions...

1 The answer is...OXYGEN.
What do we breathe?  What does our air have in it? What do humans need to breathe to live? What comes out of trees? 

What makes the world hot?  What do things need to be able to live on Earth? What does Earth have that means we can live here? What do animals and humans need to be able to live? 

The answer is...DAY AND NIGHT
What time do we play and what time do we sleep?  When do we have lift and when do we have darkness?  What does the rotation of the Earth give us?

4 The answer is...THE FOUR SEASONS
What does the Earth's orbit around the sun give us?  When planet Erath orbits the sun, what does it make?

5 The answer is...POISONOUS GASES
What do people die from? What does Saturn have on it? What do some planets have that we don't?  What is the sun made of?

Jul 24, 2014

Lino-printing - gyotaku inspiration

Having looked at some examples of the Japanese art of gyotaku printing (prints of fish, done originally by early 19th century fishermen to record the size or species of their catch), we designed our own versions of some fish for our own lino printing...(on the wall you can see some images of gyotaku prints as well as the crayon rubbings we made of our completed lino blocks to see how they might look once we print them)...
rubbing pencil on the back of our picture to create a carbon layer for reverse tracing
'tracing' or engraving the design onto the lino block...

making sure we can see the traced lines clearly, ready for cutting
cutting out our design, being careful about keeping our resting hand BEHIND the blade

some completed lino blocks...

a lino block and its crayon rubbing...

Come back next week to see some of our printed pictures!! Mrs Coyle has some big plans for these fish!

Jul 21, 2014

Measurement of length -PAPER PLANE CHALLENGE

Today we tested some paper plane designs to see if we could make modifications to our original design that would make the plane fly further.

This involved the skills of measuring in millimetres (the wing span and length), measuring in centimetres and metres (depending how far it flew!) and some converting between units eg 332cm is 3.32m. 

Level Three achievement objectives:
* Use correct units for measurements – mm, cm, m, km.
* Convert from one unit to another.
* Solve problems using measurement.
* Estimate length sensibly.

Jul 4, 2014

End of Term Two!

Wow! What a fantastic term we have had - it was only nine weeks long but we packed in about 12 weeks' worth of work it seems!

Highlights for us include:

  • Miss Adams on posting - her celebrations inquiry and making a pukapuka nui (big book) of te reo Maori.

  • the Senior Production - Cinderella and Rockerfella - we are thrilled to have raised $332 for our sponsorship of TearFund child Grace from Tanzania!

  • our speeches - we are all thrilled to have done such a super job on the writing and delivery of our -speeches - well done to Lisa and Keegan who were the top-scoring Year Sixes and will need to practice so they are ready for the LMV/Southland competitions.

  • the LMV Cross-country - all our hard work and practice paid off with many of us in the top ten and some of us heading to the Southland event - big WELL DONE to Keegan for winning the Year Six LMV boys' event as well as being the fastest 10 or 11 year old boy overall!

  • all our great progress throughout the term - we have all progressed or improved our skills in some form or another for maths, reading or writing - that's why we are here, so...mission achieved!

  • speaking of missions...our space inquiry was a lot of fun and kept us all very interested and motivated
    to learn more! We ended the inquiry by putting our learning into designing posters about why Planet Earth is the best place for us to live, or by designing a 'space station base' for on the Moon or on Mars - you can see these on our personal learning journal blogs!

Have a super holiday everyone! See you all next term ready for even more action and adventure!