Jun 30, 2014

Senior MVP from Week 7...

Congrats to Brock for being selected as the senior MVP...here is what was published in the newsletter...

Team Kahu is where you will find the young leaders of our school and this young man is a fine example of all of our Edendale Primary School values in practice.

Brock shows us every day that it is not hard to be a confident, connected, actively-involved, life-long learner. He works successfully with every learning task that he has to complete and he enjoys the benefits of reflecting on his efforts and applying the next steps towards finding success with his learning. He always aims to do his best and will seek advice on how to be better.

Brock is always ready to lend a hand to anyone in need and he is an honest and self-controlled pupil. In Team Kahu we know that if we need a hard-working and persistent group-member we can turn to Brock. He always knows what needs to be done and will get on with the job without making a fuss.

We love Brock’s sense of humour and his friendly nature. He is a valuable member of our Student Council as well. Thanks for being such a wonderful team-mate to us all!

Jun 29, 2014

TAKE TWO NEWS - Edendale's Got Talent!

Enjoy the highlights of this term's Student Council event...Edendale's Got Talent!

Jun 27, 2014

Lines and angles in our world...

Maths today involved a geometry challenge - pairs of pupils were responsible for finding examples of a variety of lines and angles in our school - we took photos and created Comic Life pages for a geometry book that we are making.

We found parallel lines, straight lines, arcs, perpendicular lines, right angles, obtuse angles (this was tricky!), and all sorts of curves...

Some of us also used a new app, Skitch, to add labels or lines to our photos...

Jun 25, 2014

Community involvement

Today the pupils who created anti-vandalism posters took them into the Main Street of the village to be displayed so other members of our community can see the messages we put on the posters...
The notice board by the zebra crossing...

The dairy...

The fish and chip shop...

The hairdresser's...

Let's hope people pay attention and that no more terrible vandalism happens in our awesome wee town!

Things to do with a paper clip...

Some of our HOT thinking today...


  1. holding paper
  2. pick a lock
  3. start a fire
  4. hair clips
  5. pin
  6. bend into a sculpture
  7. hammer
  8. battery
  9. hook
  10. decorate stuff
  11. clean out a small hole
  12. connect to a magnet
  13. hold stuff together
  14. small chain
  15. check a smoke alarm
  16. recycle it
  17. poke out an eye
  18. pop a blister
  19. drill a hole
  20. stab a person
  21. book mark
  22. pierce ears or noses
  23. weapon
  24. use as a zip puller
  25. hang things from it
  26. make jewellery
  27. put it on your laces
  28. hold a box together
  29. clean your ears out
  30. pop a balloon
  31. hold clothing together
  32. make compasses
  33. washing line peg
  34. get a sim card out of your phone
  35. reset the heat pump or iphone
  36. tie something up
  37. clean under fingernails
  38. make a small hole
  39. toothpick
  40. hold a belt together
  41. hold cords together
  42. bull nose ring
  43. puncture a tyre
  44. scrape away stuff
  45. fiddle with it (fidget)
  46. fake fingernails
  47. hold your watch together
  48. bracelet
  49. drumsticks
  50. pick your nose
  51. false eyelashes????

Jun 22, 2014

Take Two News - Cross Country!

Good things take time!

CrossCountry from Edendale Primary School on Vimeo.

ChildFund survey for children

This week we took part in ChildFund's 'Small Voices, Big Dreams' global survey of school pupils, to share our thoughts on a few issues that affect children's rights.

Last year children from forty-seven countries took part in this survey, so it is pretty cool that we can take part too! Results will be released in November.

One of the questions was: If you were the leader of your country, what would you do to improve the lives of children?

Here are some of our responses:

  • no smoking allowed anywhere
  • give poor people more money
  • make sure they all have food and water
  • drop prices of farms and houses so people can have their own horse and if they want a farm can own a farm
  • help the families that can't afford school, food and medicine
  • help the schools
  • pay for children to be able to play sports and get school stuff
  • make everything cheaper
  • take three-quarters of the price off petrol
  • put seat-belts in all buses
  • make the parents give them pocket money
  • give all kids free clothes and help kids in poverty
  • crossings for all schools should have someone to supervise them
  • make sure food is affordable
  • parents to not have to go to work early in the morning
  • lower the power bills
  • have no drunk driving at all
  • reduce alcohol limits to one bottle a day
  • have more police
  • have less bills
  • upgrade schools
  • have more hospitals
  • cycle lanes everywhere so children can bike to school
You can see we have a lot of compassion in our team! We are sure there are many things on our list that parents would agree with!

You can see the official United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child information here at this link

Jun 19, 2014

Wet Day game of the day...Newspaper Dancefloor!

Take a groovy song like the Macarena, one double spread sheet of newspaper, place both feet on it and start dancing! Each time the music pauses, the paper is folded once, dancing resumes.  If your feet go off the paper then you are out! How tiny can your paper dance floor get? Arm movements are compulsory. Players may pair up but no one is allowed to use furniture to lean on.

Jun 13, 2014

Term Two Week Six 2014

Kia ora koutou! Friday again and it was a quiet day for Team Kahu with eight of our team-mates off representing the Lower Mataura Valley at the Southland Primary Schools' Cross-Country!
11 year old boys' team
10 year old girls' team
11 year old girls' team
Well done to each of you for making it to this level of competition - we are very proud of you even if you did not place highly in the race!

Great excitement today to see Brayden's letter to the Editor (about Edendale) in today's issue of The Ensign - well done Brayden! Good on you for sharing your opinion - it is a great letter.

Yesterday we were all thrilled to be able to go inside the visiting Star Dome tent to see projections of the night sky on the ceiling and to be 'taken' closer to the planets and stars that we have been studying this term - thanks to Richard from Te Anau for providing this awesome experience for us!

Here is a great photo from this morning (thanks Mr McKenzie!) that is a great question-starter for continuing our inquiry about outer space...just why does the sky turn red at night or in the morning?

Have a super-duper weekend everyone - GO THE ALL BLACKS!!

Learning the language of lines and angles

Today we created some name graffiti, labelling the lines and angles of our name so we could learn about the language of geometry (our current maths topic).

Jun 12, 2014

Anti-vandalism projects

We were upset this week to read a report in the Ensign newspaper about the vandalism that damaged the bike of a visitor to our town.

In response to this we created anti-vandalism posters or videos, or we wrote letters of support to the victim or letters to the Editor of the Ensign to point out some positives about our town.

Some posters:

Here are the videos that we made...

Vandalism is Wrong! - 2014 Edendale Primary School from Edendale Primary School on Vimeo.

And this one...

No Vandalism from Edendale Primary School on Vimeo.

And the final video...

Be a hero! from Edendale Primary School on Vimeo.

Jun 8, 2014

Star Trekking: our special home - Earth

Fifty amazing facts about Earth     

Why we have day and night       Day and night animation    

Our four seasons       NASA - The seasons        Four seasons video      Four seasons animation

Our moon and stars 


Some beautiful time-lapse photography art...views of the sky...

YIKÁÍSDÁHÁ from Sunchaser Pictures on Vimeo.

What makes Earth so amazing? Find out here...


An important part of our maths number knowledge is the understanding and recognition of fractions and decimals.

This has been a focus for us this term (as well as last term) as we begin to work with these numbers in many areas of our problem-solving.

By the end of Year Six we need to be able to use our number strategies to be able to find fractions of sets, shapes and quantitites.

We will be able to read and order fractions with the same numerator or denominator eg 1/8 < 1/5 or 3/10 < 5/10.

We will be able to find a unit fraction of a set using multiplication eg 1/5 of 35 using 5x7=35

We will know equivalent fractions including halves, thirds, quarters, fifths, tenths, hundredths eg 3/5 = 6/10 and 3/4 = 75% = 0.75 (our main focus will be tenths and hundredths).

Some activities to help us practise and learn:

Recognize and compare fractions - dozens of games

Learn about fractions with this website

Fractions operations - using fractions - more games!

Using decimals and percents - try these!

Congratulations to our latest MVP - Jonas!

Congratulations to Jonas for being selected as last week's senior MVP!

Here is what was printed in our newsletter...

Team Kahu is a very busy group of senior pupils and we have many different activities to take part in, or responsibilities to carry out. Jonas has proven that he is a master of participation, involving himself enthusiastically in all of our classroom or school-wide activities.

Jonas has many ideas to contribute during group or class discussions and he is able to think innovatively about ways to solve problems. He frequently demonstrates that he is willing to give new activities or concepts a try; our recent senior camp was definitely within Jonas’ comfort zone for tackling outdoor adventures!

Jonas always has motivation and energy to burn. He will get involved with whatever jobs need done, often without having to be asked. Super initiative and work ethic Jonas!

Jun 1, 2014

LMV Cross-country - goals achieved!

In Week 4 of Term 2 our school hosted the Lower Mataura Valley (LMV) Combined Schools' Cross-country, with Tuturau Primary School, Wyndham Primary School and Glenham Primary School joining us.

Our age-groups had to each run 2km around Edendale School's paddocks - the result of three weeks of practising each fitness time.

All of us who were able to take part completed the course, showing our Edendale School values of persistence, participation, cooperation and self-control.  Mrs Coyle is very proud of each and every one of us!

Kudos has to go to Keegan, who set himself a goal to win...and he did it in fine style...as seen by this video...also earning himself the LMV trophy for being the fastest 10 or 11 year old boy - way to go Keegan!!

Great results also occurred for Anthony (3rd), Brock (5th), Coebie (6th), Ben (8th), Brianna (3rd), Kim (2nd), Jennifer (3rd), Lisa (6th), Nikka (8th) and Maria (10th).  All top six place-getters will continue to train as they will represent the LMV at the Southland Primary Schools' Cross-country on the 13th June.