May 22, 2014


The lights were just everyday light bulbs, the cameras were only Flips, but there was action a-plenty as the Year Five and Six pupils (and some special guest artists) performed Cinderella and Rockerfella (a pantomime).

We had no curtains to rise up on the stage but the audience was treated to a full theatre experience with awesome acting, super singing and fantastic fun!

Mrs Coyle and Mrs Stanway are SUPER EXTREMELY proud of all the cast! Everyone was wonderful and the audience were raving about the show afterwards.

Here are the cast photos, taken on the afternoon of our dress rehearsal...

Jake - magazine reporter, Harm - PR guy, Nic - Paparazzi, William - costume guy
Scott - programme seller, Ben - Rocky, Deniz - Rocky's manager  (Absent: Logan - footman)
Caity - Cook Strait Fairy, Amber - Fairy Godmother, Kim - Fairy Nastyboots
Brianna - Fairy Nuff, Lisa - Fairy Sajollygoodfellow, Maria - Fairy Bread

Ben - Rocky, Keegan - Buttons, Jennifer - Cinderella
Brock  - Teaser the dog
Richard and Jonas - warm-up people and props guys
Charlotte - dream-scene Cinders, Anthony - dream-scene Rocky
Townspeople - Caleb, Keagan (town crier), JM (messenger), Travis, Brayden
Sherlene, Emma, Rhiannon, Kim, Charlotte
Kim - Fairy Nastyboots and EJ - Naughty Kitty

Three Bears - Matthew, Peyton, Dylan
Ryan - off-stage inspector, Dylan - Monsieur Baker Le Bunn

Arin - Ugly Sister Augustina, Nikka - Ugly Sister Anastacia (Absent: Coebie - mirror)
Cinders' animals - Cailee, Paige, Hannah, Brooke, Olivia
Josiah and Damien - the stretch limo!

May 16, 2014

Getting exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not long now! Will Cinderella meet her rock star?  Will Rockerfella meet the girl of his dreams?  Just what is Fairy Nastyboots planning to do about it?

And why ARE the three bears there at all?

Meet the title characters: Cinderella (Jennifer Reid) and Rockerfella (Ben Gauldie)

May 14, 2014

Star Trekkers: Being an Astronaut or Cosmonaut...

Check these out Star Trekkers!
What would it be like to be launched 
into outer space?

What do the astronauts and cosmonauts 
on the International Space Station see?

Head up in the Space in the cockpit...

See how the Space Shuttle operated...

Views from the International Space Station - what would you see if you were an astronaut?

And how does it at look at night?

What about keeping clean while you are travelling?

And how will you sleep?

And what about water issues?

May 12, 2014

Star Trekking - space mission #2 - further exploration

More Star Trekking missions to take place - explore the universe Team Kahu! 

Click on the links below to search for information about the space feature that you want to explore!

Start by watching this amazing video of a moon-rise above Wellington!

Full Moon Silhouettes from Mark Gee on Vimeo.

The Solar System       Astronomy for Kids     NASA - Star Child website

100,000 stars interactive video        BBC space info for kids     

Explore the moon in Google Earth - see a video of the moon landing

Black holes       Constellations      Galaxies       Stars     

                    Telescopes       Astronauts   

Space Exploration Timeline             Meteors and Comets           
Solar & Lunar Eclipses

What is a comet?

What is an asteroid?

Watch an astronaut explain about tears in space:

May 9, 2014

Term Two - Week One

Congratulations to Keegan for being named the Senior MVP for this week - this is what was printed in the newsletter:
                    Team Kahu is full of senior pupils who are expected to be role-models for great learning – this includes having the right attitude for learning, being responsible for having learning tools ready and working well with other team-mates. Keegan is a fine example of how being cooperative is an advantage to one's learning and to building great working relationships with others.
                       Because of his cooperation, Keegan is able to participate fully in all the different learning activities that are offered in Team Kahu and he is able to gain skills and knowledge that help progress his learning.
                     In Team Kahu we know Keegan will cooperate with teacher instructions and that he will support others in a group when making a team decision. He can be relied on to ensure that group tasks are completed well and can also carry out his individual tasks well.
                     The characteristic of co-operation will be a wonderful asset to you in the future Keegan – keep it up!

Our first week of missions to the 'final frontier' of outer space has ended - we have all learned a multitude of new facts about the planets, the sun and the moon. Keep an eye out next week as we use this information as the basis for our writing. We will also continue with our Star Trekking exploration - heading into the wider reaches of outer space to investigate such things as meteors or asteroids, or to find out more about Earth's special elements such as night/day, tides, seasons etc.

On Wednesday, as inspiration for our own performances, we travelled to Invercargill with Teams Tui and Kereru to see the pantomime show "Bad Jelly the Witch' being performed by the Cat's Pyjamas Theatre Company for the Southland Festival of the Arts. We totally enjoyed seeing all the well-known characters - Tim, Rose, Lucy the cow, Binklebonk, Mudwiggle, Dalboot, Policeman, Jim the Eagle and more - and of course, that nasty child-eating Bad Jelly the Witch.  We started the show with Dinglemouse sitting right beside us - we had a lot of fun and got a lot of ideas for how to act in our own pantomime!

A big thanks to the mums who were able to come along to the show with us!

Our production practices are going really well - we know the songs and are adding the actions - we performed two songs at Celebration Time today to give the rest of the school a taste!

Singing 1 from Edendale Primary School on Vimeo.

The show will be held on Wednesday 21st May at 1pm and 7pm in the Edendale Presbyterian Church Hall. We hope to see you all there!

In maths we continued with some measurement activities this week, looking at converting the units of kilograms/grams/millilitres/litres. Some groups were using decimals as part of the problems - quite a new challenge for some of us, but we rose to it!

Congratulations to Brianna for being selected as Writer of the Week - you can hear her story 'Clip'n'Climb' here on her blog.  Our writing this week was free choice in topic and genre - it will be used by Mrs Coyle to assess our writing skills for our mid-year reporting. We were all aiming to show Mrs Coyle that we can use the Level 3 skills and maybe some Level 4 too! To publish our work we used the Shadow Puppet app - you can hear us reading our stories on our learning blogs. We wrote about duck shooting, our mothers, our holiday activities and even the Easter Bunny.

Our Student Councillors did a super job this week of organising a school-wide interest in supporting the Westpac Helicopter Trust Queenstown to Invercargill Cycle Ride group - we raised $131 with pupils creating flags to wave as the cyclists came past (which was at 3.00p.m.).

We enjoyed putting together a small Mother's Day project today - no peeking mums! We wish all our mums and nanas a super Mother's Day on Sunday - thank you for all that you do to support us!

May 7, 2014

Term Two Inquiry - our first thoughts...

We are loving our Star Trekking mission this week - to explore and investigate one of the other planets, or the sun or moon, of our solar system...the amount of information we are gathering is huge!

We find it hard to really understand just how big the planets/sun/moon are, or just how enormous the distances are between these bodies of outer space, so it all a great challenge!

Here is the padlet wall that we created to share our first thoughts of why Planet Earth is the best place for us to live...some of us wrote our ideas, others used video - some of us have realised that we need to keep the ipad on landscape when we video ourselves ;-)

May 4, 2014

STAR TREKKING - across the universe! Term Two Inquiry

Our Term Two inquiry is science-based and will be taking us on adventures into Outer Space!

We will explore the reasons why Planet Earth is the best place for us to live (when compared to other planets in our solar system).

There will be lot for us to think about - what do we already know about Outer Space and what would we like to know?

We have to fit this in around our rehearsals for our Senior Production, so this will mostly be a reading time exploration for Weeks 1-3 and then we will have a three week break from the inquiry while Miss Adams takes control of the class for her posting; we will return to Outer Space for the last three weeks of term to explore it further!

Our inquiry question: 
Why is Planet Earth the best place 
for me to live?

Explore Outer Space - 
check out other places in space and see if you can work out why they will NOT be good places for us to live:

Discovery Kids - a range of facts and activities

Space for Kids - the NZ Science Kids website

All About Space - Mr Mussbaum website

Planets for Kids - also moons and stars!

Planet Earth - all the info!    More about Earth!

Our Solar System                            Earth, Sun and Moon - take the quiz!                

The Lawrence Hall of Science - earth and space activities               Outer Space - The Universe

Mars         Venus        Saturn        Uranus        The Moon          The Sun   More on the Sun

What are asteroids?          What are comets?        Jupiter       Mercury         Neptune         Pluto

American Museum of Natural History - astronomy activites

NASA's Space Place facts and info        NASA - all about Mars     

NASA - Mars Exploration Program        NASA - Planet Quest project

NASA - Eyes on the Solar System (ask adult first before downloading!)

Awesome photos from Space                 

Kids Astronomy website

Amazing Space - pictures from Hubble

ESA (European Space Agency) - Our Universe

ESA - Life in Space for Astronauts

ESA - website home page - who is in the International Space Station?

What's Your Favourite Planet? (launch the interactive)

Life on a Red Dwarf Planet (launch the interactive)

What to Wear - historic space suits (launch the interactive)

Matariki - what is this Maori celebration about?

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory Virtual Field Trip

An animation explaining the phases of the moon

What would your age be on another planet?     

What weight would you be on another planet?

Sources of images used: