Apr 26, 2014

Take Two News - Year Six Camp

Have just realised that we were so busy embedding this video onto our individual blogs that we forgot to add it to our class blog! Enjoy!

Take Two News 2014 - Year Six Camp from Edendale Primary School on Vimeo.

Apr 22, 2014

Our Van Gogh-inspired landscapes!

We painted these (using chalk as our painting tool!) in the last week of Term One...they are based on two famous Van Gogh paintings:
Cypress Trees
Starry Night at St Remy
We could choose to try a day-time or night-time scene, and the day-time people could also choose to paint a sunset or sunrise sky...we added the trees to our paintings the next day...

Can you tell which painting we were inspired by?

And can you see how we tried to use short strokes to copy Van Gogh's technique and to try to blend shades of colour and make swirls or strokes to show movement, shape or texture?

How did we do them? Check out Mrs Coyle's teacher blog

Apr 17, 2014

Enjoying our jellies!

To end this week's measurement focus we looked at the finished rainbow jellies that Travis and Damien made for us.

We had to estimate how heavy the jellies were ( we then weighed five and averaged the total, which came to 118g).
Next we weighed the frozen bananas (395g) and guessed how much ice cream they would make in the Yonanas machine (which was 315g). We had to work out how many grams of ice cream we would each get to add to our jelly. It was 15g.
To get our share of the ice cream we each took a jelly and put it on the scales, then had to tell Mrs Coyle what weight we would have in the cup once the15g of ice cream was added.

What a horrible way to have to do maths!!!

Apr 16, 2014

Van Gogh landscapes

Busy with some painting today...we discussed two of Vincent Van Gogh's artworks, Cypress Trees and Starry Night, looking with particular interest at the brush techniques he used, his colours, the texture, the movement of the sky/clouds.

We then had a go at painting our own landscapes...

Most of us chose to try a daytime landscape, while four of us tried a night sky...we still have to add the cypress trees tomorrow but they are all looking amazing aren't they!?

Check out our personal learning blogs tomorrow to see our finished paintings!!

More measurement - estimating capacity and volume.

Our tasks today covered the estimation of capacity using millilitres and litres with standard measuring cups.  We imagined we had a party to plan for and we needed to work out what size lolly basket to make, how much drink would fit in the different glasses, and which bowls would be best for making jelly.

Apr 15, 2014

Measurement - using ml

We have made mock rainbow jelly designs today, using sand to fill the cups.

We used standard measuring spoons of teaspoons (5ml) and tablespoons (15ml). We marked the amounts of each colour on the cups and added our totals. 

Measurement - not-cross buns

A couple of us made not cross buns today for maths to be able to use
measurement in a practical way, using the scales for grams and 
the spoons and cups for millilitres and capacity.

We made chocolate hot cross buns (but without the cross as 
Mrs C forgot the icing!) using the bread maker machine and the
recipe from the Alison & Simon Holst recipe book.
We had to read the recipe and measure the ingredients into 
the bread maker.  This then took about an hour to create the dough.
Next we cut the dough into halves and halves again until we had eight 
pieces that we made into twenty-four pieces that we rolled into balls to 
put into the tray to be left in a warm place to rise for a couple of hours.

When the buns had risen for a while we baked them in the oven...
they were warm and DELICIOUS when we ate them!