Feb 28, 2014

MVP last week!

Congrats to Lane who was selected as the senior MVP last week!

This is what the newsletter said about Lane:
The Team Kahu pupils have very special roles to fill at Edendale Primary School and Lane is a wonderful example of how respect is a value that you can both give and earn.

Lane always treats others the way he would like to be treated.  He uses his manners and speaks kindly to others.  He is quick to follow instructions.  He always looks for ways that he can be of help to others.  He is a friendly and supportive class-mate as well as being a cooperative and enthusiastic pupil.

We are very lucky to have a role-model like Lane at Edendale Primary School and in Team Kahu we really appreciate the way that Lane just gets on with the job! You certainly earn our respect Lane!

Passion Project Fridays - getting underway!

Practising our conversational skills as we share our thoughts about our passions!
One person is sharing while the other is making notes and asking questions. 
Next we will share with our groups what we found out about our partners' passions. 

We will each follow our own passions through individual inquiries and will share our passions with others in some way as part of the inquiry. Friday will be our project day.

Feb 24, 2014

Trying Out a New Tool!

This brainstorming tool - a site called padlet - was fantastic for doing a class brainstorm to share our dreams as the introduction to our inquiry How Can I Be a Lifelong Learner?

We were all able to work on the ipads at the same time to access the wall on our padlet website and we could each post our own thoughts and we also worked out how to add photos! Here is the wall we created:

Feb 21, 2014

Term 1 Week 3 2014

This was a great week! 

We held our Year Six Welcome on Thursday night and announced the new Student Council for 2014. Keep an eye out soon for our Take Two News episode about the evening!

Parents,staff, some ex-students, BOT Chair Mrs Lumsden, Home and School President Mrs McEwan and school chaplain Mrs Hunter all joined us in the TBLC along with our guest speaker - Jenny Mitchell, a finalist in last year's NZ's Got Talent! She sang two of her own songs to us and talked about her experience of being in the NZGT show.
She is a wonderful singer and songwriter and we think she is a super role-model from who we got lots of inspiration to follow our own dreams.

Jenny helped present our new Student Councillors with their badges.  Mrs Robertson announced the elected councillors: Jennifer, Anthony, Brock, Caitlyn, Brianna and Keegan.  Well done to them - they have a busy year ahead! And well done to the other pupils who put their names forward as well - it was very brave of you all and we are sure they will also be important in filling Year Six roles this year.

"It was exciting to see who was on the Student Council." - Anthony
"I was looking forward to seeing Jenny Mitchell." - Jonas
"Mrs Hunter talked to us with the metaphor of each of us having layers like an onion, and together we all join to make the flavour of salad better!" - Richard
"I loved the food, the supper!" - Dylan
"It is really exciting that we get to be in one classroom together - it makes us really feel special." - Nikka
"I liked getting a photo with Jenny Mitchell." - Lane
"Mr McKenzie talked about how he had success as a Year Six and then many years later his own son won the trophy too." - Nikka
"I liked how the ex-pupils came and shared their advice with us." - Kim
"It was important to hear that we never stop learning and we should never give up." - Jonas\BJ
"It was nice that even if people were disappointed about missing out on the Student Council they still clapped and were happy for the ones who did." - Richard

You can find more awesome photos on our school Facebook page!

We were also thrilled to finish our 3/4 self-portraits - loosely inspired by Van Gogh's self-portraits, ours came out more modernistic as we were using a range of bright (non-skin coloured) paints - the black pastel outlines really helped the colours pop! You can also see our individual work and comments on our personal learning blogs. We have hung the works in the classroom, with our published "I Am..." poems on the back.

Feb 9, 2014

2014: Geohazards - New Zealand is full of them!

This term for reading we will be taking part in the LEARNZ virtual field trip to the Bay of Plenty (in the North Island) to learn about the geohazards that are common in New Zealand. Shelley will take us there on the 25-27th February and we will check in to see her photographs, videos and answers to questions.

What are geohazards? Tsunami, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and landslides - natural disasters that are caused by the movement of the Earth's plates - something we are very familiar with here in New Zealand!

You can log in here to see the LEARNZ field trip page (the log in is written on our whiteboard)

The LEARNZ website tells us that:

In preparation for this field trip you will learn about:
  • the earth's crust and plate tectonics
  • why volcanoes are where they are
  • tsunamis, how common they are and what causes them
  • New Zealand's vulnerability to landslides
  • preparing for natural hazards such as volcanic eruptions and tsunamis
  • New Zealand's Earthquake Commission (EQC)
  • natural hazard preparedness and emergency plans
During the field trip you will:
  • visit and monitor an active volcano
  • find evidence of large historical tsunamis
  • meet engineers, scientists and people involved in trying to understand natural hazards and how we cope with them
  • visit places where earthquakes ripped the land apart and talk to people who experienced the shaking and destruction
  • discover people's responses to volcanic eruptions at school and at home and what we have learnt about being prepared
Your reading activities will be based on this theme 
and here are some other links that you might find interesting!

Check out the interactive NZ VOLCANO MAP to find out about our own volcanoes.!

Watch an animation of the formation of the Rotorua caldera (a type of volcano!)

Watch a video about the volcanic field under Auckland!

(slide the black button to move along the timeline or read the information underneath the animation.

Play the STOP DISASTERS game!                      Try the BEAT THE QUAKE game!  

Check out Te Papa's AWESOME FORCES website - Maori legends, information and more!

Have a look at Civil Defence's WHAT'S THE PLAN, STAN? site - are you ready for a disaster?

This is the EQC site with ideas on how to prepare for a natural disaster.

A GNS video of an eruption at Mt Tongariro:

A GNS video showing the effects of the January 2014 landslide in the Dart River Valley near Queenstown:

Another GNS video: Phillip Robinson demonstrates how a tsunami is made:

Tsunami - When Minutes Count: video links on the Ministry of Civil Defence website - Kiwi survivors of the 2009 Samoan tsunami share their experiences.

Ruaumoko - the Mountain is Me: NZ Scientist Dr Waikerepuku discusses volcanoes with a Maori view:
GNS expert Caro Begg shows a model of a fault-line:

Feb 5, 2014

Who are we activities...

To introduce themselves to each other the children completed our own versions of a popular app game, creating 4 pics 1 person sheets to display...

We also put together a wall mural based on the popular "In our classroom we do..." posters that can be found on Pinterest... 
Ours starts with "In Team Kahu..." and we have put "We do learning" at the start, with "We do our best" and the children chose all relevant statements for in between - this is our reminder of how we want our learning environment to be this year - it looks great!!

Feb 4, 2014

Open letter to parents - beginning of 2014...

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Team Kahu for 2014. I am looking forward to working with your child/ren in the busy year ahead! We have twenty awesome Year Six pupils in Team Kahu this year and it will be a great year, with a huge range of exciting activities and events for the Year Sixes to be involved with.

We also welcome Miss Candace Adams, an Otago University third-year trainee teacher.  Miss Adams will be with us for the first two weeks, followed by many Monday visits and longer postings in Terms Two and Three, during all of which she will be practising her teaching skills under my guidance.

The Year Sixes have a lot of special events ahead – some important dates so far:
·       This Thursday 6th Feb – Waitangi Day (public holiday - no school)
·       Tuesday 11th Feb – BOT Welcome barbecue  11.00am-1.00pm
·       Thursday 20th February 7pm – Year Six Welcome evening 7.00pm
·       Wed-Thurs 26th -27th Feb – goal setting 3.30-6.00pm
·       Tuesday 4th March – LMV Athletics Day at Wyndham School
·       Saturday 15th March – Car Boot Sale 9.30a.m-1.00pm
·       24th March – 4th April – MLT Swimming lessons, school pool
·       Wed-Fri 26th - 28th March – Year Six camp at Pukerau
·       Wed 9th April – Open morning and barbecue 11.00am-1.00pm

This week I will be testing the children on their spelling and basic facts (to check on what has been retained from last year).  Many children will find they are required to repeat some previous levels to ensure that they regain their skills. I will be very tough on this throughout the year!

A classroom information book will be sent home in Week Three but if you have any questions before that please be sure to contact me.

Feb 3, 2014

2014 is underway!

Welcome back everyone! We have twenty awesome Year Six pupils in Team Kahu this year, as well as our Otago University teacher trainee, Miss Candace Adams (who will be with us for postings throughout Terms One, Two and Three as she finishes her studies).

We had a busy day as we settled into our new team environment but managed to get out for some games.  Here are some photos of us sharing information about ourselves, creating our scholar dollar wallets and playing a game with Miss Adams.

It will be a busy term and year as always and we are ready for the challenges...