Dec 14, 2013

End of the year!!

Phew! We made it! Four terms, hundreds of learning activities, numerous learning goals, lots of fun! What a fantastic year! Thank you to all of the pupils of Team Kahu for your hard work and your enthusiasm and easy-going attitudes that meant you handled all the action that was happening for us throughout the year.

Mrs Coyle is extremely proud of all the Year Sixes - each one is a wonderful young lady or young man and Mrs C  is very very happy with our progress and our contributions to the school during the year. She wishes them all the best for the future - dare to dream and work to achieve it!!!
Check out the Year Six farewell photos on the Edendale Primary School facebook page!

This week the Year Sixes worked on each decorating their own fencepost to make the back fence behind the classroom look more colourful.

The end of year concert and Year Six prizegiving also took up much of our time - we presented an adapted version of Raold Dahl's Three Little Pigs (which is a sequel to the Red Riding Hood story that he wrote) - see if you can spot us in action amongst the photos on the school facebook page!

Congratulations to Thea for being selected as the highest achieving Year Six pupil for 2014 and winning the Jubilee Honours Cup - the result of always giving 100% to every activity and a recognition of the many successes she has had this year across many curriculum areas. Well done to the other Year Sixes who were awarded certificates of Excellence or Merit, or won the diligence or values awards. Again, there are many photos to check out on the facebook page.

This week we also all finished our papier-mache minibeasts - don't they look fantastic?!?

We celebrated reading 150 books this term by having some ice-cream sundaes...
Ze very French chef and her magnifique assistant!

And Dale MacDonald from Cycling Southland came to school with Maureen from Share the Road to present the Alpha reading group with the $1000 Noel Leeming voucher prize for winning the Helmet Heroes video award! Well done team!!

Other highlights of the year for us:
  • the kapa kaha waiata performances at Polyfest and at the end of year concert - thank you Mr Pirie!!
  • the Year Five camp and the Year Six camp
  • the ski trip
  • the Helmet Heroes video win and the finalist placing for the MediaMash Awards for our helmet video
  • achieving our goals
  • being leaders of the school and role-models for the younger pupils
  • the Four-Sports sessions and soccer tournament
  • LMV cross-country, athletics, Music Festival, speech contest and swimming festival, netball team
  • having Mr Pirie working in our room - good luck with your first teaching job at Tokanui next year!
  • our Three Little Pigs play for the end of year concert
  • many, many more things that we just can't think of right now!
Mrs C would also like to say thank you for all the little treats that have been given to her by many of the pupils and their parents - luckily she was not planning to start a summer diet in the next few weeks!

Have a truly awesome Christmas and New Year - remember, family time is precious and making memories is important! Stay safe, see you all next year!!

Dec 2, 2013

Term 4 Week 8 - TRIATHLON

Our annual Edendale Primary School triathlon was held today on the school grounds - everyone from Year 3-6 was in a team event, and many pupils also chose to have a go at the individual race for their age-group - well done to all of you for your participation and effort! Congratulations to the place-getters!