Oct 20, 2013

It's a Bug's Life - who am I?

E is for Exciting Information!

Let's immerse ourselves in the background information 
for our Term Four inquiry: 

What is a mini-beast and why are they important to our world?

First it will be important that we are able to:

- recognise that mini-beasts can be grouped in different ways such as insects, arachnids, molluscs.
- identify some of the specific features that different mini-beasts have.
- explain that mini-beasts are important parts of the food chain for most animals.
- discuss the stages of the lifecycles of some different mini-beasts
- define the word habitat and describe some of the different habitats mini-beasts have.


Photos of mini-beasts, taken by the members of '
National Geographic Kids website

Here are some videos about minibeasts
- from Animal Planet                            
- ants attack a tarantula
- a tarantula kills a grasshopper

while reading about various features of insects.

Have fun as you take the mini-beast quiz!
You will learn about mini-beasts on the way too!

- this will be useful as you complete your research tasks.

Read simple information about mini-beasts and watch more BBC clips of different mini-beasts - these will be helpful as you compare different types of mini-beasts.

All sorts of information and fantastic photos - click on the headings to see great photos and read good information about all sorts of spiders, beetles, bugs and insects.

There will also be a range of other independent activities to carry out 
as part of your DIY tasks 
- we will post about those as we complete them!

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