Oct 23, 2013

It's a Bug's Life... Who Eats Who?

Let's keep immersing ourselves in Exciting information as we learn about mini-beasts and confirm or correct our prior ideas or knowledge about animals such as insects (arthropods) and spiders (arachnids)...

FIND OUT ABOUT FOOD CHAINS - we are thinking about why plants and animals are important...

Thanks to http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/content/

Thanks to http://heightstechnology.edublogs.org/tag/foodchain/
This Science Kids NZ website activity will explain about food chains and you can even make your own!

Here is a food chain game that will teach you about food chains as you work your way through the challenge.

This is another food chain activity that will show you how food chains occur in nature.

And this website has information, games and a video about food chains or food webs as well as habitats!

Visit Maggie's Science Connection!
Here is a cool video via You Tube that shows how food chains work!

And this video explains why food webs are so important to ecosystems:

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