Aug 26, 2013

Second song from Polyfest!

Technology! It never works when you need it to! Here is the second song from last week's awesome performance (the next two songs will be added when the computer is cooperating!)

Edendale Primary School at Southland Polyfest 2013 - Team Kahu song#2 from Edendale Primary School on Vimeo.

Aug 22, 2013

Polyfest Performance - ka pai!

Ka pai to everyone who performed on Wednesday - Mrs Coyle is VERY VERY proud of all of you! You were all fantastic on stage, sang beautifully, moved well and looked amazing in action!

Thank you to Mr Pirie for his guidance over the past three terms, preparing you all for the show - he can be very proud of you all!

Thanks to all the supporters (especially Team Kereru, Mr McKenzie, parents and friends of the school) who came along to support the team! We all really enjoyed watching the show - it was a marvellous moment for Edendale School!

Videos to come, watch this space!!

Aug 18, 2013

Term Three Week Three

Kia ora koutou!

Week Three was varied and exciting - our week included a trip to Wyndham to first see the Menzies College Production (dress rehearsal) of The Pirate Queen, followed by an afternoon of singing practice with the other Lower Mataura Valley Schools in preparation for our Music Festival in two weeks' time.

The college production was very good and we all enjoyed the different characters and songs that were part of the show - I think the leprechauns were a favourite, though the pirates were also much appreciated! It was wonderful to see so many ex-Edendale pupils up on the stage, participating with great confidence!

Paul was here for soccer on Tuesday...

Our science fair displays are coming together slowly (some of us will head to Invercargill on Tuesday for judging), and it is only a few days until our performance at Polyfest!! (Wed 21st, 12.45pm, Civic Theatre in Invercargill).
Reading a sheet of positive statements before attempting a maths test
Taking the maths test - does positive thinking improve results?
On Thursday some Menzies College senior students took us for a fun session of cooperative games - we really enjoyed the interactions with the seniors.

Aug 8, 2013

Science Investigations

This week we have had a variety of investigations happening as we prepare for  the Southland Science Fair.

Different pairs or groups are looking into a range of theories: that smell affects taste, that body position affects how far a scooter can travel, the importance of baking powder in pikelets, the power of positive thinking, the effects of colour on mood, where is the best place to store popcorn before cooking it or which fabric is best for making a warm scarf.

The pupils are working through the scientific process of getting background information, stating a hypothesis, creating a method for testing, doing a control test and then changing only one element at a time for the next test, analyzing results and summarising the investigation.

Some pupils have revised their test and will do a second one to compare the results.

Aug 3, 2013

Week One of Term Three

Hi again - I hope you all had a great holiday - congratulations to Renee who was this week's Most Valuable Pupil - you show awesome participation Renee, well deserved!

This weekend we are all recovering today from yesterday's big adventure to the Remarkables Ski Field near Queenstown for our annual Year 4-6 ski trip.  It was an early start (we left here at 5.30 a.m.) but well worth the effort as everyone had a fantastic time on the slopes, whether they were a beginner or an experienced skier! You can see the Take Two News video clip here and below are a few other photos (there are many more on our school Facebook page too!)

As always, it was wonderful to see every pupil put the effort and persistence into improving their skiing skills - what fantastic role-models of our school values you all are!  Mrs Coyle enjoyed seeing the beginners have so much fun (she didn't see much of the experienced skiers as they were almost always up on the higher slopes!)

The rest of the week was spent in other areas of learning - for reading and writing we are carrying out some science investigations to do with popcorn, scooters, keeping warm, taste-buds, positive thinking and the effects of baking powder. Many of these will become entries in the Southland Science Fair in Week 4, so
we are busy making sure to fully carry out the scientific process as we go.

The Year Sixes had fun during Arts @ Edendale as they tried out their rakau skills and put their cooperative skills in action...

We are enjoying exploring the many uses of the new i-pads that were purchased for us by the Edendale Home and School (thank you!). This week, for instance, the popcorn scientists used the i-pads to create and share explanation slideshows of how popcorn pops.

Maths this week has involved exploring probability and looking at testing games or situations to see if they are fair or unfair. Next we will move onto multiplication strategies and Mr Pirie will also help us with measurement of length and area.
Testing a card game to see if it is fair or unfair

We are looking forward to being able to perform our kapa haka items with Mr Pirie at the Polyfest in Week 4 as well as heading to the LMV Music Festival the week after. One of our songs for the festival is “Green Door” and we are using it as the inspiration for some creative writing – just what is the secret the green door is keeping? Watch this space!
Sharing writing with a buddy or group for feedback and advice.

Good luck to our team-mates who are competing next Wednesday in the LMV Speech Contest, as well as those who have been selected to play in the LMV Netball teams for the Primary Schools' Tournaments in the next two weeks.