Jul 16, 2013

End of Term Two!

Our last week of term was a good chance to wind down before the holidays, although we were still very busy with quite a few explorations underway!

Accomplished this week: 1. exploring the apps on the new ipads (thanks Home and School!) - check out the Jellyband video/song made by Sam and Rayden - we also had fun with Photobooth, Sock Puppets, Puppet Pals and more!

 2. reading and writing about famous explorers - we are entering the Doodle for Google 2013 competition for which the theme is "If I was an explorer I would..." so we thought it would be interesting to find out about some of the amazing and brave explorers who have made history with their adventures. We have written small biographies which we will publish in the first week back. Watch this space for info about Sacagawea, Lewis and Clark, Marco Polo, Neil Armstrong, Roald Amundsen, Zheng He and more!

 3. Mrs Shepherd was here on Wednesday and we spent the morning exploring (yes, again, more exploring!) the world of shapes - we created some really cool 3-d shapes from net templates and practised our drawing of 3-d shapes using isometric paper - these activities were good exercises in persistence and reflection and self-control!

 4. Year Fives had their final session of arts@Edendale with rakau with Mrs Coyle, while the Year Sixes finished their drama session with Mrs Whitson-Morris - lots of fun! Here you can see the Year Fives working with their partner to create their own pattern of movements - they are trying to remember their pattern and be in time together while making the movements (some are also trying to be  in time with the music) - good effort everyone!

5. Many of us finished our 3-d illusion 'tubes' - don't they look fantastic?

 Have a great break everyone!

Jul 7, 2013

Week 9 of Term Two 2013

Kia ora! Another week down and just one to go before we all have a well-deserved break!

Please remember to VOTE for our cycle safety video and ask as many of your friends and family to do the same!

Congratulations to Mishaella for being announced as the Team Kahu MVP for this week - thoroughly deserved!

We were disappointed about having to postpone the ski trip until next term because of the weather (well, all but Maximus as his thumb should be better by then so he will be able to come skiing!) Fingers (and thumbs) crossed we get up to the Remarkables on August 2nd!

Our Careers Day for inquiry was a great success - our room was filled with lawyers, doctors, teachers, truck drivers, gaming testers, singers, artists, farmers, rodeo cowboys, vets and more - see if you can spot them in this photoslide!

Careers Day - when I grow up I want to be - July 2013 from Edendale Primary School on Vimeo.

We enjoyed meeting Mrs Frana Cardno, the Mayor of the Southland District Council - this fit nicely with our inquiry into the role of local government (ie councils), one of our DIY tasks this week, making us aware of the role council plays in our community.

We were also thrilled to meet Stags player Hoani MacDonald - he spoke about being a Stag and about how his goals have had to change due to his heart problem. He also presented the school with a signed practice jersey that he wore last year - this was as a thank you for the kind wishes and get well letters that Team Kokako pupils wrote to him last year after he had his heart attack while playing for the Stags.

Thanks for the jersey Hoani - we are just so pleased you are fit and healthy now!

Our DIY this week involved writing about our dream career - we published our writing by reading our story onto our photos using the Fotobabble website (meaning you can listen to us as you look at the photo!)

We have been creating some 3-d effects with our artworks - here are a few examples!

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