Jun 27, 2013

Film-makers!! Cycle safety video...

The Alpha reading group have this month researched, written and performed in this safe cycling video which we have now entered in the Safekids Creative Quest - with a theme of 'No Helmet - No Brain'.

Well done Rayden, Jacob, Katelyn, Jennifer and Bethany for your awesome work - some future film stars perhaps??

There is a public vote section in the competition too so please click on the link below and then click the LIKE button! Thanks for your support!

Jun 21, 2013

Week 7 of Term Two - action packed again!

Kia ora all! We hope you are all keeping warm and dry in this polar blast that is certainly letting us know its presence but has not affected us enough to give us a day off school!

Just as well, as this week there were a tonne of things to do and we needed every minute of the week!

On Tuesday we enjoyed the visit from Hearty and Linda of the Heart Foundation to present the school with the prize of a big sandwich press...thanks Heart Foundation for the delicious and heart-healthy morning tea (sandwiches and fruit)! Watch this space for a Take Two News episode about this!

We returned to DIY learning this week - we worked on time and temperature activities (we wished we could be with Ahliyah in the Philippines where the temperature each day was between 26 and 30 degrees Celcius!)

Our speeches and some Cloze reading activities were part of our DIY, as well as writing a draft recount of an experience we may have had at the Mataura River or another river. Our speeches have been fine-tuned - today we transferred key words to cue cards to use when we deliver the speech; this week we also used the random-select on the IWB to take turns to practice sharing just one small part of our speech and we gave each other feedback and advice. You can see our speeches on our Vimeo channel! Enjoy! Go to our blogs to make comments!

The Hokonui Fashion Awards will be getting some very stylish student collage designs - the theme is Silver and we have come up with some fantastic designs for the mannequin entry form!

Today we were thrilled to have Team Kahu classmate Mishaella announced as the winner of Edendale's Got Talent! Everyone was blown away by Mishaella's awesome singing of Skinny Love - well done Mishaella, you did yourself proud!! Maybe one day we will see you on NZ's Got Talent?!
Judges - guest Gerry Forde from Spirit of a Nation, members of the Student Council and Mrs Robertson

Mishaella in action - we were all very impressed!

Winner and place-getters with Mr Forde

Our Mataura River art project

Here is a slideshow of photos from our day of creative art with artist Janet de Wagt for the school's contribution to the Mataura River art installation project currently underway along the length of the Mataura River...

Jun 19, 2013

Take Two News - The Free Rosie Show

A couple of technical glitches have delayed the production of this episode, but here it is...well done Jaekob, Lisa and Bethany!

Jun 11, 2013

Weeks 4, 5, 6 of Term Two - Mr Pirie is here!

We are pleased to have Mr Pirie here on his posting, putting into practice his teaching skills and planning and presenting our daily class programme! This Friday will be the end of his three full weeks with us.

Mr Pirie and Mrs Coyle are sharing the teaching of maths groups and reading groups, with Mr Pirie then teaching us for writing, inquiry, arts (kapa haka), fitness and the other day to day routines. Mrs Coyle is observing and advising Mr Pirie, while also using the free time to do reading assessments, prepare resources (and tidy her resource cupboard!)

With Mr Pirie our inquiry is science-based and we are investigating the principles of friction - last week we carried out a couple of investigations: first we looked at how different surfaces affect the movement of an object and our latest focus has been exploring the flight of paper planes - a lot of fun and science talk has been happening!!

We have also been learning how to write explanations - last week we worked on explaining how a snake digests its food, and this week we are each writing our own explanation about how bikes or scooters operate.

This week we welcomed Ben to our classroom - we hope he enjoys his Edendale School learning experience! Ben is a Year Five so is looking forward to getting to know our routines and next year being one of the leaders of the school.

We also have Mrs Marena Guise helping out as teacher aide in the mornings for the next few weeks and it is great to have her help.

Calum and his helper Ben (not our Ben!) were back today; our volleyball skills are really coming along! We were also excited about getting free apples yesterday (thanks St Vincent de Paul) and are enjoying our morning drink of milk (thanks Fonterra!)