Apr 15, 2013

Last week of Term One!

Kia ora! We were in a state of excitement this week - holidays coming up (and we were all ready for those) as well as the Year Sixes headed for two and a half days of action and adventure at Camp Columba in Pukerau for our annual X-factor X-pedition!!

The Year Sixes enjoyed archery, air rifles, abseiling, kayaking, team building, raft building, the flying fox and more!! Mrs C feels tired just thinking about it! You can see more photos like those below on our school Facebook page:

And here is the Take Two News episode that was produced:

The Year Fives gathered with Mrs Stanway to enjoy some time together and study the events that are commemorated by ANZAC Day: we wrote postcards from soldiers, made trenches amongst the class tables, researched aspects of war eg weapons and use of animals, made Anzac biscuits and painted poppies.

OnMonday we worked in groups to complete our inquiry assessment via a Google Doc which we each then linked to our Edmodo page for Mrs C to mark. We seemed to know what we were talking about when we listed what a great learner needs to do to be successful, and the Year Sixes certainly practised what we preached by putting all our learning attitudes and values into our activities at Camp Columba!

Our other main task was to share information about our role-models - today many of us put these onto our personal blogs. You can see photos of our posters, trioramas, or videos like these:

Speaking of successful, check out this example of how persistence pays off...

Have a great break everyone!!

Apr 5, 2013

Term One Week Ten


We are all wondering just where the time goes - this week of course was a bit unusual as we only had three days after the Easter break -  however we were action packed as always!

There was swimming - many of us are improving our stroke techniques, breathing styles or streamline positions (for diving):

This week we trialled a little bit of what we are calling DIY LEARNING (DIY - it's in our DNA! - thanks Mitre 10!) - DIY means Do It Yourself and that is what Mrs Coyle is helping us learn to do - self-directed learning.

First, Mrs C has signed up with Edmodo - a website that runs like a Facebook page but is only for our classroom to use - we can send messages between Mrs C and the whole class (but not between individual pupils).

On the site Mrs C can set assignments for us and due dates etc.  We can do the assignments in a variety of ways and then 'turn them in' via the Edmodo.  Mrs C can then mark our work and give us a 'grade' eg 15/20 or 10/10.

Our first task is inquiry related and is based on the key understanding that great learners are inspired by role-models.  We have each chosen a person we admire and are being self-smart to share what our role-model's achievement has been and to describe the values that our role-model has used to help them in their life.

We have to have it finished by Tuesday lunchtime and we could choose how we share our information - some of us are doing posters (and had a how-to workshop on Thursday); others are doing or have done videos, trioramas or blog entries. Lisa is already finished!

This task is a MUST-DO task - those who are finished can then choose to write a Have You Seen My...? story about an unusual item that has been in our room...we look forward to reading what people imagine it to be! Mrs C thinks it might be a dragon's egg...

Apr 2, 2013

Term One - Weeks 8 & 9

Kia ora all!

We hope you all had a fantastic Easter Break - we certainly did and now we are looking forward to the last three weeks of term (Year Six camp is in the final week!)

In the last two weeks Mrs Shepherd has been an important fixture in the classroom: Mrs Coyle enjoyed a busy four days on the e-time tour of four schools in the Auckland/Hamilton/Tauranga area of the North Island - she enjoyed seeing the four schools in action and gained many awesome ideas on how to involve ipads as a teaching and learning tool as well as ideas on running a self-directed or personalised learning programme.  We look forward to trying out these ideas in Term Two!

Mrs S had the pleasure of taking us for our first two MLT-sponsored swimming lessons and we all loved being in the pool to improve our skills; while Calum was back for another session of athletics skills (we worked on stops and starts for running).

Our inquiry was a focus last week, with the Southern Steel joining us for breakfast as we put into practice the advice that great learners eat a healthy breakfast (but we are not sure if ten weetbix is entirely healthy all in one meal Keegan!!)

Our special guest was the tallest player in the ANZ netball competition - Jahniele Fowler, Jamaican international player. At 1.96m tall Jhaniele is the same height at Usain Bolt but she tells us she is certainly not as fast as he is! We don't mind that - we just love seeing her shoot those goals for the Steel!! (Congrats on setting that record-breaker of 65 goals in one game Jhaniele!)

We loved meeting Jhaniele and managed to talk to her without getting a strain in our necks!

For the rest of the day we worked on posters and videos to share the healthy choices that great learners make - you can see these on our blogs!  Please feel free to make comments - we would love your feedback!