Mar 17, 2013

Term One Weeks 6 and 7 - a new TTN episode too!

Time flies when you are having fun and learning at the same time!!

There have been a lot of SMART choices happening in the past two weeks, as we have been able to select our own response tasks to various reading activities that Mrs C or Mrs S have been giving us.

First, as a follow up to a shared poster we had read about the sinking of the Titanic (did you know it is nearly 4km down at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean?!), we were set the task to find five facts about one aspect of the Titanic event.  We could use our People Smart or Self Smart learning styles to choose to work on our own or in a small group.

Then we could choose from Body Smart, Word Smart, Picture Smart etc to decide how to present the information...some of chose to create posters, a triorama or role-plays like this...

You can see some more of the presentations on our Your Tube channel in Our Learning Adventures playlist or in the Uploads section! We have some great artists and actors in our team!!

One group that didn't take part in the activity were Keegan, Mishaella and Kaye - they were off working on their People Smart style by working together to film the latest episode of Take Two News - all about the Athletics Day (and what a super job they have done!)

Mrs Shepherd has also been allowing us to work to our learning styles as we read and respond to various Maori legends during the sessions that she has been teaching us - you can see some of our work in the same You Tube links above - such as letter-writing as characters related to the story or creating raps about the story.

Mr Pirie had been teaching us a waiata and we were thrilled to be able to present it at Celebration Time - this has encouraged a lot of pupils to join him on Monday lunchtimes to form our own school kapa haka group!

Mar 5, 2013

TAKE TWO NEWS - Self-responsibility value

Well done Lanney, Byron, Jacob and guests! Here is some info about our school learning value of self-reponsibility!!

Mar 1, 2013

Week Five already!

Magandang Hapon (Good afternoon)!!

We have had a fantastic week of learning here in Team Kahu, with all manner of action happening.

Very excited to have our final athletics practice - the event is being held in Wyndham on Tuesday 5th March - we will be busy with shot put, high jump, long jump, discus and running events. We look forward to putting into action our values of participation, self-control, cooperation and excellence as we aim to do our very best!

Discus session with Calum from Sport Southland

For independent reading activities some of our groups have practised and acted out plays from School Journals...what a lot of fun they have been to perform or watch! We have heard some interesting accents, been impressed by some super acting, and had a few giggles at funny storylines or bloopers! See the photos here: