Feb 25, 2013

Week 4

Hello again!  Our week was full-on, with all sorts of action happening in the class programme! We released our first TAKE TWO NEWS video of the year - well done to Renee, Caitlyn and Linus (with the help of ex-pupil Shazarna Harvey)!

This week we celebrated TWO writers of the Week - both Jennifer and Rayden impressed Mrs Coyle with their use of great language in their descriptive narratives of enjoying their 'greatest pleasures in life' (an activity inspired by a funny calvin and Hobbes cartoon). Go to our blogs to read these.

Jennifer and Rayden, along with Keegan and Kaye, visited Mr McKenzie to share their great writing (which you too can read if you click on their names) - we know you will be impressed too!

It was fantastic to have so many parents able to come along and meet with their child/ren to discuss the child/ren's personal learning goals for this year. 

Earlier in the week, in class with Mrs Coyle's guidance, the children reviewed their 2012 progress and chose a selection of goals that they thought they would like to focus on. 

It is so cool to have the pupils themselves helping direct their own learning and this process sits nicely with the groups for reading and writing having chosen their group goals for this term.

Everyone chose really suitable learning goals that parents can support us with from home and we look forward to working on these (amongst everything else) throughout the year.

We had another practice this week for the athletics (which are to be held at Wyndham on the 5th of March) - it is good to get a run through of these, both on a Tuesday with Calum from Sport Southland, and on a Thursday with the teachers at school.
Practising sprint starts with Calum.

It was great to have Mrs Shepherd with us on Friday (the first of many days) as she released Mrs Coyle to carry out other duties.  With Mrs Shepherd we will be working on the measurement of mass and volume, as well as carrying out poem response tasks and building our te reo Maori skills. Ka pai!

Feb 16, 2013

Weeks 2 & 3...

Kia ora all!

Now that some of our school computer glitches are getting sorted Mrs C is able to access our blog again to update it!

We have continued as we started -  busy busy busy!  It has been awesome to have Mr Pirie with us.  He has been teaching maths lessons, running our fitness sessions, helping with reading, teaching us some te reo Maori and playing his guitar to join us for singing and helping Mrs Coyle with running the classroom in general.  We look forward to seeing him on Mondays through the rest of the term.

Last Thursday the Year Sixes were at their Year Six Welcome evening, along with teaching staff, parents, some ex-pupils and guest speaker Damon Leitch, young Toyota Series motor-racing driver.

Mrs Lumsden, the BOT chairperson and Mr McKenzie both welcomed the Year Sixes and spoke to them about their roles as leaders of our school and the special part the pupils will have to play in helping our school be a great learning place for all. 

We particularly enjoyed Mr McKenzie's use of movie quotes: as Gandalf says "I am looking for someone to share an adventure", while Ben from Barnyard says "A strong man looks after himself. A stronger man looks after others."  Both quotes are very relevant as we hope to have a great adventure this year and also help to look after others in our team and throughout the school!

The ex-pupils then spoke of their experiences as Year Sixes here as well as giving some good advice such as: take every opportunity, enjoy the year, be good role-models to the juniors.

Damon Leitch spoke of his rise in motorsport, with the influence and support of his parents, as well as the dedication and determination it takes to reach the top of any sport or to reach any dream!

Mrs Robertson then announced our new 2013 Student Council - what a fantastic group of Year Sixes we have, with all 18 putting their names forward to take on the role. It was a shame that 12 had to be disappointed but we know they will support the Student Council in their role.

Congratulations to: Kaye, Jaekob, Sam, Ella, Ally, and Zayden! You will have a busy year ahead of you with all your events to organise!

Congratulations also to Kaye who was our team Writer of the Week last week (link to come!) and has also taken out the MVP award for self-responsibility this week! You are off to a great start for the year Kaye!

Feb 3, 2013

Our first week of 2013

Well here we all are...bright and ready for the year! It is great to have everyone in Team Kahu and we welcome Mr Graham Pirie who is with us this year as he finishes his teacher training with the University of Otago.

We have sorted out our books, written a letter to Mrs C and Mr P explaining a little bit about ourselves, learnt a few maths games, written holiday stories and created self-portraits to help illustrate our stories.

Working on our self-portraits

It was so hot in the classroom - we headed out under the trees!

Some of the finished portraits!

We also each prepared and shared a Little Bag of Me to help introduce ourselves to each other - what a wonderfully diverse and multi-talented group of people we are.  We all have similar and different hobbies and likes. We know we will have a good year together.

Group discussion about our holidays
Group discussion about our classroom
Practising saying our mihi with each other

Year Sixes need to say their mihi when they present celebration time.

Our inquiry this term is called "What's my x-factor? How can I be a great learner?" - we have spent this week discussing the roles of pupils and teachers and thinking about the sort of environment and culture that we want our classroom to be or have. 

The common aspects agreed on by everyone are that our team will have fun, will always be ready to learn and to have a go at new experiences and that we will be a team that supports each other at all times. Super thinking Team Kahu!